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Team Online’s Matthew Staples navigated his way to a KO Series event’s final table, but could not quite get the job done.

Staples was one of 184 entrants in the KO Series #11-HR: 7-Max event. Half of the $100,000 prize pool went onto the heads of each entrant with the remaining 50% shared by the top 34 finishers.

Each of the seven players who played their way to the final table won at least four-figure scores with bounties included. “HyperX.” was the final table’s first casualty, they busted in seventh and collected $2,949.

Then came the untimely demise of Staples in sixth-place. Staples walked away with $2,428 for his efforts.

We have to doff our cap to fifth-place finisher “Fylina1988” who banked $6,290; only the champion and runner-up secured more money. They busted 11 opponents before they, themselves, crashed out. This meant their $2,669 main prize pool prize was bolstered by a cool $3,621 worth of bounty payments.

Heads-up was set when both “Nonstoper” and “DoUknowFerdowi” fell by the wayside. This left “caseirao” and “WishALotEV” as the last players standing. The former defeated their final opponent to get their hands on $7,922 for finishing in first-place plus a mightily impressive $13,425 worth of bounties!

KO Series #11-HR: 7-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 caseirao $13,425 $7,922 $21,347
2 WishALotEV $1,562 $7,912 $9,474
3 DoUknowFerdowsi $1,374 $5,416 $6,790
4 Nonstoper $492 $3,659 $4,151
5 Fylina1988 $3,621 $2,669 $6,290
6 Matthew Staples $312 $2,116 $2,428
7 HyperX. $1,312 $1,637 $2,949

WillofD93 Takes Home $12.6K

The High edition of the 14th numbered event saw 339 players pony up $215 in a Mix-Max format. Play occurred on eight-handed tables for the first 18 levels before switching to six-handed thereafter.

“WillofD93” was the only player with chips in front of them when the dust settled in this event. Victory came not only with the title of KO Series champion, but a combined prize that weighed in at $12,613, not a bad return for a 7.5 hour grind!

The champion defeated “HadendudesVC” heads-up to lock in the title. Second place came with $6,178 in total prize money. Amazingly, third-place finisher “probirs777” walked away with a larger prize than the runner-up. This happened because probirs777 reeled in $2,592 worth of bounties after eliminating 11 foes before they crashed out themselves.

KO Series #14-H: Mix-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 WillofD93 $7,137 $5,476 $12,613
2 HadendudesVC $710 $5,468 $6,178
3 probirs777 $2,592 $3,759 $6,351
4 JAMMINJARS $1,175 $2,507 $3,682
5 Wang wei $362 $1,767 $2,129
6 SexyCindy $475 $1,398 $1,873

100 Players Win KO Series Medium Main Event Seats

January 25 saw another 100 partypoker players win their $33 seats to the KO Series Medium Main Event for no more than $5.50. A Day 1B Mega Sat guaranteed 100 x $33 seats. There was a substantial overlay in this satellite, making it even better value for all that competed. Another 100x $33 Mega Sat shuffles up and deals at 21:05 GMT on January 26.


There are KO Series edition SPINS in addition to traditional satellite and tournament dollars satellites. KO Series SPINS cost $10 to enter and award either $20 in cash or KO Series tickets worth between $33 and $1,050. These games are perfect if you are low on spare time because their hyper-turbo format means they are done and dusted within a matter of minutes.

Multiplier 1st Prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $20 Cash 652,500
3.3 $33 KO Series ticket 271,000
5.5 $55 KO Series ticket 60,000
10.9 $109 KO Series ticket 10,000
21.5 $215 KO Series ticket 4,000
32 $320 KO Series ticket 2,000
53 $530 KO Series ticket 400
105 $1,050 KO Series ticket 100

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