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partypoker has introduced ‘King of the Hill’ for heads-up cash games across its global dotcom market.

The introduction is designed to help improve the operator’s cash game ecology and optimise the playing experience for heads-up cash game players, with the overall goal of making partypoker a fairer, more enjoyable site to play online poker.

As part of the changes, partypoker aims to limit the number of available tables at each stake, thereby encouraging players to compete against each other, while the restricted availability of games means tables are intended to fill up at a quicker rate.

Furthermore, players may now only wait at a maximum one table of a certain configuration at any given time to encourage action at the tables.

Players that enjoy competing against one another can open more tables of the same configuration seamlessly, simply by checking the ‘Play another table’ option.

The changes form part of partypoker’s ongoing drive to make the site the fairest online poker destination.

partypoker Head of Product, Ross McQuater, said: “We are continuing to look at ways we can improve the ecology of our network through the introduction of new features.

“The latest update will greatly improve the experience for those players wishing to play heads-up cash games. This is one of many changes we are planning to make to our cash game offering in the coming months.”

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