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Chris from Boston ( I won’t mention your last name but you know who you are) became a legend at the Million V last night and it was not due to anything that he did on the poker table.
Chris took part in the karaoke night at the Queens Lounge on deck two and brought the house down with his version of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.â€? He was crumping, busting his moves and the crowd was cheering – he was undoubtedly the worst singer of the night and his dulcit tones could have damaged the marine life below. American Idol judge Simon Cowell might have said to him that he was the worst singer this side of Cuba and he was. He particularly belted out the line “shot through through the heart and your to blameâ€? with venom prompting the announcer to question whether he had been through a messy break-up. Fair point.
I also saw another side to one of my colleagues. He may not be Barry White but his voice is as deep as the sea out there. His selection was the Bee Gees “How Deep is Your Loveâ€? and he nailed it. As far as I knew he took no helium before going up on stage.
What struck me about the karaoke was (Chris aside) that it was all of an incredibly high standard. I really never expected it to be this way. I was thinking strangled cat droned out by bad beat stories but instead we had guys and girls pitching for a record contract. Some went straight for the song book rather than the bar – wouldn’t catch me doing that in a million years.
Anyway, we’re now back on board the ms Westerdam after a day’s break in Jamaica – it was nice to leave the boat for a while. I’m looking forward to the action starting again tonight. Current chip leader is Henrik Witt from Denmark with $84,000 though whether being front of the pack at this stage is a curse remains to be seen. All our previous PPM winners have been the US – perhaps this year the foreign contingent will buck the trend?


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