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The $200K Guaranteed Sunday is partypoker’s flagship tournament and the one that every single partypoker player wants to win. Why would they not want to? After all, there is at least $200,000 in the prize pool and that usually translates to a first place prize of around $40,000.

The September 29 edition of this fantastic tournament 14 attracted 1,134 players to the partypoker virtual felt, creating a gargantuan prize pool of $226,800. After 10 hours and 53 minutes, all but one of those 1,134 players had fallen by the wayside, leaving JVieira114 as the last player standing. His reward? A staggering $44,226. What a way to end the week, or start it depending on how one looks at these matters.

A Tough Starting Table

Nobody would have blamed JVieira114 for cursing his luck as the $215 buy-in tournament got underway at 18:30 British Summer Time because he found himself sandwiched between two of poker’s most talented players. To his right was Michael “wywrotx” Wywrot and to his left as the partypoker sponsored pro and double World Poker Tour champion, Marvin “Mad_Marvin_1” Rettenmaier.

Unsurprisingly, due to the company he was keeping, it took JVieira114 16 hands before he won a hand; a small 180-chip pot that he claimed without having to go to showdown. Little did he know at that stage that the hand he won would set him up for an epic Sunday.

One-by-one the players busted and with each casualty the money bubble drew ever closer. That bubble popped when Legadzo crashed out of the tournament in 161st place, which meant any player who had chips in front of them had locked up a payout of at least $430.92. JVieira114 did not want $430.92 because he was running well – think getting paid off with kings, queens and ace-king for starters — had his heart set on the $44,226 winner’s prize.

At 03:20 am, while most of Europe were tucked up in their beds, the final table of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday was reached.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 JVierira114 1,232,488
2 dallmad 136,555
3 floki123 765,595
4 OMGMenda 440,125
5 floppinhel 842,560
6 DirtyB1tch333 314,153
7 TDurdenWAR 219,742
8 fellatiado 225,899
9 Timeoutplease 837,845
10 Gravlings 635,038

Three hands into the final table and it was game over for dallmad who open-shoved for 136,555 chips, or slightly less than seven big blinds, with and was unfortunate to run straight into the of fellatiado on the button. The board flirted with the idea of helping dallmad, but ultimately it did not and he exited in tenth place for $2,041.20.

A Slowplayed Monster

Eight hands later and fellatiado lost all of the chips he had won from dallmad and more besides to bust in ninth place. JVieira114 opened from early position with a min-raise to 40,000 and floki123 called next to act. Three players folded, TDurdenWAR called on the button only to see fellatiado move all in for 376,454 in total. The action passed back to floki123, he re-shoved, and when TDurdenWAR got out of the way the hands were revealed. It became apparent that fellatiado was making a move when he had to show and that floki123 was slowplaying a monster as he held . Neither player improved by the river meaning floki123’s aces were the best hand and resigning fellatiado to the $2,608.20 ninth place prize.

Eight became seven with the elimination of Gravlings. The action folded to Tmieoutplease in the cutoff, he min-raised to 50,000 and then called when Gravlings three-bet all in for 333,631 in total. Timeoutplease’s was ahead of the of his opponent and although the flop gave Gravlings some hope, that’s all the community cards gave because the tun and river improved Timeoutplease to an unnecessary full house and busted Gravlings.

Kings Cracked

Shortly after DirtyB1tch33 fell victim to the British star that is Rhys “floppinhel” Jones. The former opened to 50,000 from under the gun and floppinhel called in the big blind. The pair shared a flop, floppinhel check-calling a 50,000 continuation bet. Both players checked the turn, but there was no such passivity when the appeared on the river as floppinhel put his opponent all in and was called! Floppinhel showed for two pair and that was good enough to crack the of DirtyB1tch33.

Another missed draw cost a player, OMGMenda, their tournament life to leave only five players at the final table. OMGMenda check-raised all in with on a flop and was called by the of Timeoutplease. The turn and river were no help to OMGMenda, who picked up $8,051.40 for finishing sixth.

TDurdenWAR may feel a little hard done to in the way he finished fifth, but the hand was how the internet whizzkids call standard. The action passed to floppinhel in the small blind and seeing that TDurdenWAR, in the big blind, was down to 10 big blinds, put his opponent all in. TDurdenWAR called with and was dominating floppinhel’s . That was until the board ran out to bust TDurdenWAR and boost the stack of floppinhel.

Floppinhel then claimed the chips of Timeoutplease whenhe opened with and then called when Timeoutplease three-bet all in for 13 big blinds with . By the river the board read and Timeoutplease’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

JVieira114 then took it upon himself to dispatch his final two opponents. His first victim was floki123 who opened to 80,000 on the button and then called when JVieira114 put him all in from the big blind for his last 15 big blinds. Floki123 was ahead with his as JVieira114 held but only until the flop came into play. The first three community cards were followed onto the board by the and to send floki123 to the rail and the tournament into the heads-up stage.

Heads Up Reached

Going into the one-on-one encounter, JVieira114 held a 3,656,474 to 2,013,526 chip lead over floppinhel. The pair butted heads and locked horns for almost an hour before two hands in quick succession ended the tournament.

The first saw floppinhel call an all-in four-bet with and lose to when a queen landed on the turn. Then three hands later, floppinhel open-jammed for 669,730 at the 40,000/80,000/8,000a level with and JVieira114 looked him up with the . JVieira114 locked up the hand by the turn of the to secure a massive payout of $44,226 and leaving floppinhel to collect the $23,473.80 consolation prize.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Seat Player Prize
1st JVierira114 $44,226
2nd floppinhel $23,473.80
3rd floki123 $14,855.40
4th Timeoutplease $12,587.40
5th TDurdenWAR $10,319.40
6th OMGMenda $8,051.40
7th DirtyB1tch33 $5,783.40
8th Gravlings $3,742.20
9th fellatiado $2,608.20
10th dallmad $2,041.20

If you want to compete in the next $200K Guaranteed Sunday and have the chance to follow in JVieira114’s footsteps you can qualify at partypoker now. Satellites are available in the partypoker lobby starting at 10 points and increasing to $58. You can of course buy in direct for $215. Whatever route you take, we hope to be writing about you next week.

About the author

Matthew Pitt is a poker enthusiast hailing from Leeds, UK. When he’s not grinding tournaments or glued to his Xbox, Matthew can be found writing poker related news and strategy for a number of established outlets including PokerNews.

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