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Daniel ‘Jungleman ‘ Cates and Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan are the latest professionals to sign up to the $125,000 buy-in Premier League Main Event in Vienna in April. You can join them by qualifying online until the 18th March, 2012. We sat down with Jungleman to chew the fat.

WL: What is the latest status of the your challenge with Tom Dwan?

Jungleman: There is no doubt that i am still interested in completing this – it is not yet finished. We last talked about it a few months, maybe we can get something going at the Premier League. I have played a little with him live but not heads-up. I am interested in side action with him in Vienna.

WL: People say there are leaks in your live game – what do you say to that?

Jungleman: All i can say is bring it on. I am willing to play anyone and prove myself in the live poker world. I don’t feel like i have anything to prove but i still want too. If you are good at poker generally you can make the transition from online to live poker. I think I have already made it. There is a talk about me losing heavily in live cash games in recent months and I can say i truly i haven’t done as bad as some people say. Yes, there was an unfortunate session in Australia but otherwise it has been going well.

WL: Let’s talk about some of your opponents in the Premier League

  • Vanessa Selbst – I haven’t played with her much and she seems like a cool person. That said, she made me look bad during a troubled time in my life so I hope to bust her out.
  • Luke Schwartz – He talks a good game and is pretty good at poker. From my experience though he needs a bit more discipline.
  • Tony G – He is qualified. He talks a good game and sometimes backs it up. I look forward to playing him.

WL: How has life changed for you in recent months?

Jungleman: Events in the US have forced me to change plans. Come to Europe and play more live poker. I am now getting to focus on other aspects of life such as health and having fun. What happened in the US is unfortunate but all you can do is make the best of it.

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