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What did you do this weekend? Wash the car? Mow the lawn? Visit your relatives? Samuel “Jokerstarsdegen” Tsehai may have done all three of those things, but the highlight of his weekend was surely winning the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday for $27,900 which happens to be the largest cash of his online poker career so far.

In May 2013, Jokerstarsdegen helped himself to $15,225 when he outlasted a field of 619 in the $100 buy-in Pokerfest #52. Fast forward to August 2014 and he navigated his way through an 874-strong field in the $200K Guaranteed Sunday to bank a wallet-filling $27,900.

Jokerstarsdegen sat down at the nine-handed final table fourth in chips, and it is from this position that we pick up the action and recap what happened during the grand finale.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (August 24, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 Kaare1 865,251
2 SakulKaroh 667,731
3 milfseeker69 347,460
4 IgrulyaXuEVa 79,165
5 DirtyB1tch333 499,505
6 UndoMyPic 184,056
7 prebzzz 364,907
8 Jokerstarsdegen 527,347
9 OMGMenda 834,578

Three hands into the final table action, Jokerstarsdegen won a 273,600 pot after being dealt , raising and finding a called in the shape of SakulKaroh. Jokerstarsdegen then check-called a bet on the flop, both players checked the turn, and SalkulKaroh called a 60,000 river bet from our eventual champion on the river. Jokerstasdegen’s aces had stayed ahead of his opponent’s and he climbed up to third in chips.

The first casualty of the final table came six hands later and involved another pair of aces. With blinds at 6,000/12,000/1,200a, UndoMyPic looked down at and raised all-in for 154,056 in total from middle position. The action folded around to SakulKaroh in the big blind and he had an easy call to make because he had the in his hand.

Call he did and when the five community cards fell it was game over for UndoMyPic.

UndoMyPic’s nines may have been an expensive second-best hand for him, but for Kaare1 they stayed strong and sent prebzzzto the sidelines in eighth place.

prebzzz min-raised to 30,000 from late position with and Kaare1 called from the small blind with . The flop fell and both players checked. The landed on the turn, improving prebzzz to a straight so when Kaare1 led for 87,000 chips, he had a simple decision to make – call.

The river card was the , which gifted Kaare1 a full house and meant to only way he could oose the hand would be to fold, but he was never folding. Instead, he jammed all-in to put prebzzz to the test for his remaining 181,617 chips, and we know he held a straight so it should be obvious that he called. This is exactly what happened and no sooner had he clicked the call button, prebzzz was sending the substantial pot to Kaare1 and heading for exits.

Next to fall was SakulKaroh and at the hands of Jokerstarsdegen. The latter raised to 30,000 from the cutoff, Kaare1 flat-called in the small blind and SakulKaroh squeezed all-in for 483,000 in total. Jokerstarsdegen raised all-in for 772,972 in total and when Kaare1 ducked out of the way, the cards were revealed.


They say you need to win your coinflips in order to win poker tournaments and that is what Jokerstarsdegen did. He took the lead on the flop and stayed there through the turn and river to bust SakulKaroh in seventh place and to claim the title of chip leader for himself.

With three eliminations within the first 25 hands, it was no surprise when there were no further exits for 57 hands. The lull in exits ended with a raise of twice the big blind to 40,000 from UK-based Spaniard Oscar “OMGMenda” Serradell from the cutoff, a re-raise all-in for 207,052 from milfseeker69 in the small blind and a call from the talented Spaniard.

Again, it was a coinflip, with milfseeker69’s being narrowly ahead of OMGMenda’s . The flop turned the hand onto its head and left milfseeker69 needing to find one of the two remaining nines in the deck. They failed to arrive on the turn or river and milfessker69 crashed out in sixth place.

Almost immediately after milfseeker69’s demise, Kaare1 busted in the largest pot of the tournament so far.

Kaare1 opened to 40,000 from under the gun and Jokerstarsdegen called in the small blind. OMGMenda called in the big blind and the trio watched on as the flop fell . Both blinds checked to Kaare1, who continued with a 130,000 bet. Jokerstarsdegen raised to 280,000, OMGMenda folded and Kaare1 raised all-in for 720,818 in total.

It is a move that may have worked had Jokerstarsdegen not been sat there with ! Jokerstarsdegen called and saw his two pair was crushing the of his opponent. A turn was followed into play by the river, sending Kaare1 home for the proverbial early bath and leaving Jokerstarsdegen with almost 54% of the chips in play with only four players remaining.

Those four became three when DirtyB1tch333 moved all-in from the small blind for 307,110 chips with what turned out to be . Sadly for him, Jokerstarsdegen held the dominating in the big blind and he called. The flop was more kind to Jokerstarsdegen and DirtyB1tch333’s tournament was over.

IgrulyaXuEVA tried to double his short stack by moving all-in several times while play was three-handed, but came unstuck when losing a 50-50 to the hot-running Jokerstarsdegen. After min-raising to 50,000 from the button, Jokerstarsdegen called when IgrulyaXuEVA re-raised all-in from the big blind for 328,520.

It was the of Jokerstarsdegen versus the of IgrulyaXuEVA and when the dust had settled, the board read and heads-up was set.

Jokerstarsdegen held a 3,075,885 to 1,294,115 chip lead over OMGMenda, yet the result was far from a forgone conclusion because OMGMenda is a phenomenal poker player, which showed by the fact the one-on-one battle lasted over 100 hands.

The final hand saw a min-raise to 100,000 from Jokerstarsdegen and a call from his sole opponent. OMGMenda then checked the flop, before check-raising to 287,500 when Jokerstarsdegen led for 100,000. Call.

With 785,000 in the pot, OMGMenda moved all-in for 1,105,340 in total when the appeared on the turn and Jokerstarsdegen instantly called, turned over for the flush and OMGMenda was way behind with his . The on the river failed to come to OMGMenda’s rescue and Jokerstarsdegen was crowned this weekend’s $200K Guaranteed champion.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (August 24, 2014)

Entrants: 874
Prize pool: $200,000
Places paid: 162

Place Player Prize
1 Jokerstarsdegen $27,900
2 OMGMenda $16,900
3 IgrulyaXuEVa $10,100
4 DirtB1tch333 $7,600
5 Kaare1 $5,500
6 milfseeker69 $4,000
7 SakulKaroh $3,180
8 prebzzz $2,500
9 UndoMyPic $2,000

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