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Seriously! So some bright spark at partypoker decided that running a huge MILLIONS tournament online could be a great idea. The partypoker LIVE events had been a great success, so why not translate this into the virtual world. Then they went and slapped a $20,000,000 guarantee on it!! I cradled my head in my hands.

My first thoughts were, ok, I need to get a new agent to start looking for some new TV or Film projects to work on. These guys are great fun, but they’re insane. What I ended up doing was going to bed and waiting for the bridges and buildings to collapse around me before dusting myself off and starting to make some calls.

What then happened this last week was miraculous! 4,367 players believed in the dream and pushed that prize-pool to a staggering $21,835,000; I mean that’s very nearly double the size of the largest online MTT before that – DOUBLE!! Players wanted this to happen and they wanted to do it with us. That’s what makes me really happy.

Once I’d opened the curtains to let some light into my life I kind of started laughing like that guy in ‘The Italian Job’ when he hears that they’ve pulled it off. I think it was Noel Coward in the prison. “This is the self-preservation society” jingling in my head.

Anyway, so not only did we hit this ambitious (read: insane/crazy) guarantee, we smashed it out of the park.

Our competitors are going to be sitting in their boardrooms today, sipping their skinny decaf lattes, trying to work out how the hell this could be happening, and the answer is really pretty simple: total belief, teamwork and just pure hard graft.

I haven’t worked with any group of human beings with such absolute dedication and love for the game of poker and a desire to succeed. They’re like the ultimate crash team in an A&E department. There’s no 9-5 here. You’re either with us or you’re a snowflake.

These guys all talk to and listen to the players then get on with it. As a result of that ‘Holby City’ is just going to have to wait.

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