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The talented Mexico-based pro Joel “MrsPaintba1l” Brown is the latest big name winner of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday after he emerged victorious in the early hours of Monday morning to secure a $27,900 payday.

The 959 players who exchanged $200 to compete in this week’s event were whittled down to a much more manageable final table of nine over the course of 9.5 hours, a final table that lined up as shown below.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (April 13, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 MoooOOooOOoo 712,811
2 Mulledk 526,472
3 MrsPainba1l 1,454,294
4 _Blackman1ac 139,446
5 Lateralus200 438,027
6 CaptainSurf_99 129,596
7 Dustyourfish 991,047
8 kurtis1000 289,724
9 MuyGlaseado69 113,583

Despite the blinds and antes being 10,000/20,000/2,000a and there being a number of short stacks at the table, it took 27 hands for the first player to lose their stack and bust from the tournament. kurtis1000 opened from early position to 60,000 and two players folded. Mulledk called from the cutoff and the other active players folded.

The duo shared a flop, a flop that both players checked. The landed on the turn and kurtis1000 led with a bet of 84,000, leaving only 74,724 chips behind. Mulledk set kurtis1000 all-in and was called.

Kurtis1000 turned over [8d8c] and was way behind the of Mulledk. The fell on the river and it was game over for kurtis1000.

Over the next 11 hands, MyGlaseado69 went from a mere 27,000 chips up to 445,000 and was setting himself up for an epic comeback. That comeback was cut short by _Blackman1ac who opened to 40,000 under-the-gun and then called when MuyGlaseado69 three-bet all-in for 444,992. _Blackman1ac showed and MuyGlaseado69 , setting up a classic coinflip scenario. By the river the board read , meaning _Blackman1ac had won the flip and MuyGlaseado69 had lost all but 15,704 of his chips!

That super-short stack went into the middle on the very next hand, his hopes pinned on . Next to act was MoooOOooOOoo in the small blind and he called. Mulledk checked in the big blind. MoooOOooOOoo led for 28,500 chips on the flop and Mulledk folded. MuyGlaseado69 needed some help from the board because MoooOOooOOoo held and was a 63% favourite in the hand. Help failed to arrive as the and completed he board and MuyGlaseado69’s demise.

Another 68 hands played out before the final table lost another player. By this stage the blinds and antes were 15,000/30,000/3,000a and MrsPainba1l opened to 60,000 from the hijack seat. _Blackman1ac was in the cutoff nursing a 10 big blind stack and he opted to put that stack at risk by moving all-in. The action then folded back to MrsPaintba1l who having been dealt had an easy call to make. Those queens were up against _Blackman1ac’s and when the board ran out it was game over for _Blackman1ac.

MoooOOooOOoo then claimed the tournament life of Mulledk. A raise to 60,000 by MoooOOooOOoo was greeted with a call from Mulledk. The pair watched on as the flop came down and both players checked it. The turn was the and MoooOOooOOoo led for 90,000 only to see his bet raised to 226,500. Call. A flush-completing was the river and MoooOOooOOoo moved all-in for 277,098 with his and Mulledk called with and discovered that his set of sixes was now a very expensive second best hand.

The very next hand CaptainSurf_99 open-jammed for 218,029 from the button with his and Dustyourfish looked him up from the small blind with his . That ace-five went further ahead on the flop and had locked up the hand on the turn. Another eight, the completed the board and the final table was left with only four players seated at it.

Those four became three 29 hands later when Lateralus200 moved all-in for less than five big blinds from under-the-gun with and MrsPaintba1l looked him up from the big blind with . The flop improved MrsPainba1l to a pair of aces but the hand could still go Laterlaus200’s way as any spade would give him a flush. The turn was followed onto the virtual felt by the and that was that for Lateralus200.

Next to bust was Dustyourfish who saw MrsPaintba1l open to 80,000 on the button and decided to call in the small blind with the speculative and MoooOOooOOoo called in the big bind. All three players checked the flop. Dustyourfish set the price to play at 95,000 when the landed on the turn and both of his opponents called. Dustyourfish fired again when the came into view, betting 288,888. MoooOOooOOoo folded, but MrsPaintba1l raised all-in and Dustyourfish called with his two pair. That two pair was destroyed by the in MrsPaintba1l’s hand, and Dustyourfish headed to the sidelines.

Although the chip stacks of the last two players were almost identical, no deal was discussed. Neither player managed to pull away from the other during the next 58 hands until MrsPaintba1l opened to 120,000 and then called when MoooOOooOOoo three-bet to 315,000. MoooOOooOOoo then check-called a 244,000 bet from MrsPaintb1l on the flop. A second flush draw became possible with the arrival of the on the turn. Again, MoooOOooOOoo checked and again MrsPaintba1l bet, making it 465,000 to play. Instead of calling like he had done on the flop, MoooOOooOOoo check-raised to 1,200,000 leaving himself 401,350 chips behind. MrsPaintba1l set his opponent all-in and was called.


MrsPaintba1l’s top pair was good, and he was a 66% favourite to win the hand and the tournament. That percentage increased to 100% as the completed the board and sent MoooOOooOOoo to the rail.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (April 13, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 MrsPaintba1l $27,900
2 MoooOOooOOoo $16,900
3 Dustyourfish $10,100
4 Lateralus200 $7,600
5 CaptainSurf_99 $5,500
6 Mulledk $4,000
7 _Blackman1ac $3,180
8 MuyGlaseado69 $2,500
9 kurtis1000 $2,000

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