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Belgium’s Jerome Sgorrano secured the largest live poker tournament score of his career when he took down the EAPT Prague Main Event for €126,500.

EAPT Prague Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jerome Sgorrano Belgium €126,500*
2 Josef Snejberg Czech Republic €106,500*
3 Igor Astashkin Russia €62,000
4 Rasmus Vogt Denmark €45,000
5 Jaroslaw Lipien Poland €33,000
6 Neculai Macovei Romania €25,000
7 Viktor Ustimov Russia €18,000
8 Krzysztof Dulowsky Poland €12,600
9 Ionnis Ntousakis Greece €10,950

*reflects a heads-up deal

A total of 825 entries were processed and 98 of those starters received prize money for their effort. Reaching the money places were the likes of Chris Dowling (91st for €2,000), Team partypoker’s Anatoly Filatov (74th for €2,500), Morten Mortensen (19th for €6,450), and Seamus Cahill (10th for €9,500).

By the time the final table was reached, the least amount of cash anyone could win was €10,950.

Ionnis Ntousakis bust in ninth-place his three-bet all-in with was called by Sgorrano’s and neither player paired their hole cards. Poland’s Krzysztof Dulowsky then fell in eighth-place when he moved all-in from under the gun with and found a caller in the shape of Rasmus Vogt on the button with .

Seventh-place went to Viktor Ustimov whose proved no match for the pocket kings in the hand of Josef Snejberg, before Neculai Macovei pushed his short stack into the middle of the felt with only to run straight into the of Snejberg.

Snejberg the executioner

Snejberg then added the eight million chips of Jaroslaw Lipien to his stack. Snejberg moved all-in from the button with and Lipien called all-in from the small blind with . Snejberg caught an eight on the flop before falling behind on the turn. The river was the to gift Snejberg trip eights and Lipien bust.

By this point of the tournament, with four players remaining, everyone had locked up €45,000. This is the sum Vogt collected when he made a move from the button with and was called by Igor Astashkin in the big blind. Astashkin showed and the ladies held as the board ran out ten-high.

Heads-up was set when Astashkin and Snejberg collided in a large pot. Snejberg turned over and Astashkin the dominated . Big Slick held and Atashkin was gone.

The heads-up duo discussed a deal during the break but no agreement was made. Play resumed and when the chip stacks were almost level, the players talked about another potential deal and finally agreed to take €106,500 each and play for the trophy and €20,000.

The extra money and the trophy went to Sgorrano. During the 600,000/1,200,000 level, Sgorrano opened to 2,500,000 with and instantly called when Snejberg moved all-in with what turned out to be . The board read by the river, which bust Snejberg in second-place and left Sgorrano to bask in the glory of victory.

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