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“She absolutely obliterated him,” said Jesse May on this second game and the man has a point.

It was back and forth for the first few hands but then a pivotal pot gave Tilly the momentum she needed to get over the line. From the button Tony G made it 4,000 to go with and Tilly just called with . The was checked through and the fell on the turn. Having picked up a flush draw Tony bet 9,000 and Tilly made the call. The fell on the river, Tilly checked again and Tony G bet 9,000. “As the kids say you either have a monster or nothing, your range is polarised,” and she made the call to win the pot.

Blinds had reached 2,000 – 4,000 by the time the final had occurred, Tony G moved all-in for 44,000 with and Tilly called with . The board ran and Jennifer Tilly has claimed the last spot in the Premier League VI final. She’ll be the short stack with 190,000 but she’s in.

The final is slated to start at 6pm, so the live stream will be up from 6.30pm GMT.

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