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On the eve of the Premier League Jennifer Tilly told me that she believed female players, including herself were underestimated by their male counterparts. So far her prediction is coming true as she followed up her third place finish in heat one with another solid showing in heat two where she finished fourth. “If you’re playing at the poker table and an ace comes on the flop bet it, because men always think women have aces or an ace in their hand. Even myself I underestimate other women.”


She thinks that for recreational players being a woman is an advantage as the other players will often be gentlemanly towards you and go easy on female players but once you play against professionals you can forget all that. “Professional players don’t see a girl at all, people say to me, oh when you play poker you wear the low cut tops and that’s an advantage for you. Not against a professional poker player, I could be sitting there naked and all they’re seeing is their cards and checking your breathing patterns.”

Woman are very intuitive….

She also thinks men and woman play differently, “Woman are very intuitive, a woman will not let you get away with something that a man would because women are very good at reading people, but I think what men have that woman don’t is an aggressiveness and bludgeoning someone until they submit. I don’t like to make generalisations but a man might get a woman to lay down middle pair in a spot where a man never would.”

2 Bits of Poker Advice

As for woman just starting out in the game Tilly has two pieces of advice for them, “Try not to be a calling station, because that’s something a woman will do when she’s starting out and people expect woman to be calling stations., she says. “And be more aggressive and bluff more because men do not expect woman to be aggressive and bluff.”

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