November 11 was a super busy day for the Monster Series as four partypoker players became Monster Series champions and both the 7-Max Knockout and Mini 7-Max Knockout played out the first of their two flights.

That quartet of champions gave their bankrolls a boost just in time for the $265 Super High Roller event that shuffles up and deals at 18:30 GMT today, November 12. Let’s check out who those winners were.

Monster #17 – 6-Max Day 2: $50K Gtd

$6,065.50 was the top prize in the Monster #17 – 6-Max: $50K Gtd and it is the sum now nestled in the partypoker account of “JA3007”. The champion got their hands on the title after defeating “RJG2020” heads-up in a battle of the capitalised aliases. Second-place weighed in at a still-impressive $4,658.70.

The final table started seven-handed and all but two of those finalists won four-figure sums. “Hacienda666” and “RicK6468” were the eighth and seventh-place finishers, before “FoldyourAK” crashed in fifth for $1,677.50.

“BePatient” saw their tournament end in fourth place, a finish worth $2,623.50 and “warcreen” joined them on the rail a short time after, doing so with $3,584.30 in prize money in tow.

Place Player Prize
1 JA3007 $6,065.50
2 RJG2020 $4,658.70
3 warcreen $3,584.30
4 BePatient $2,623.50
5 FoldyourAK $1,677.50
6 RicK6468 $940.50
7 Hacienda666 $678.50

Monster #17 – Mini 6-Max Day 2: $5K Gtd

Another player displaying their alias in capital letters triumphed in the Mini 6-max event and won the lion’s share of the $5,000 prize pool. “ANGELO” outlasted more than 2,600 opponents across two days of grinding and was rewarded with the $634.29 top prize and title of champion.

Only “Sindrom95” of the final table failed to turn their $1.10 into three-figures, although $85.00 is still a very healthy return on investment.

The other finalists who came close to triumphing in a Monster Series event were “mickefc210″, “jutoba”, “Bing.Pot”, “Ray_NL040”, and the runner-up “LucasNunes94” who banked $490.53 for their troubles.

Place Player Prize
1 ANGELO $634.29
2 LucasNunes94 $490.53
3 Ray_NL040 $377.03
4 Bing.Pot $280.00
5 jutoba $185.50
6 mickefc2103 $113.45
7 Sindrom95 $85.00

Monster #20 – PLO Turbo: $5K Gtd

Pot-Limit Omaha is a crazy game that produces action by the bucket. Ask anyone who played in the Monster #20 – PLO Turbo event on November 11.

A field of 461 partypoker players hit the tables and only “Supple Leopard” had chips in front of them after a shade over four hours. Supple Leopard’s hunt was successful and their reward weighed in at $938.13 for their $11 investment.

The players who finished in second and third place each won more than $500. Third-place finisher “MeatBaloons” now has $504.75 more than a few hours ago, while “audiTT” has $698.37 added to their lifetime winnings.

Place Player Prize
1 Supple Leonard $938.13
2 audiTT $698.37
3 MeatBaloons $504.75
4 JeffryM77 $365.00
5 zelda27 $260.00
6 Mars4444 $191.25
7 LongoPrazo $145.00

Monster #20 – Mini PLO Turbo: $500 Gtd

Some 410 players bought into the $1.10 Mini PLO Turbo and four hours 12-minutes later “bulgakoff” found themselves in possession of all 41 million chips. Those were exchanged for the tournament’s top prize, namely $98.30.

The title was secured by defeating “Lawriewestern” heads-up, which resigned the runner-up to the $72.91 consolation prize. Still, winning 66-times your buy-in is still a good day at the office.

Place Player Prize
1 bulgakoff $98.30
2 Lawriewestern $72.91
3 Sweet_Mask10 $53.02
4 L_And $38.25
5 Buckycall $27.50
6 ireonG7 $21.00
7 Vogue27 $15.50

What Monster Series Events Can I Play on November 12?

November 12 is another big day for Monster Series with the $265 buy-in, the largest of the series, Super High Roller taking place at 18:30 GMT.

$50,000 is guaranteed in this event and you’ll be fighting, not literally we hope, against Team partypoker’s Carl Froch who has registered nice and early. You’ll receive 100,000 chips, play to a 12-minute clock, and can only register up to the end of the 10th level.

The Mix-Max and Mini Mix-Max start at the same time as the Super High Roller and they look exceptional value. The $0.55 buy-in has $1,000 guaranteed with the $5.50 buy-in guaranteeing at least $10,000 will be won.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Day 1B of the 7-Max Knockout and Mini 7-Max Knockout. Some 2,630 players bought into the $22 7-Max Knockout last night and 2,121 bought into the $2.20 edition.

Time (GMT) Event Buy-in
18:30 Monster #21 – Super High Roller: $50K Gtd $265
18:30 Monster #22 – Mix-Max: $10K Gtd $5.50
18:30 Monster #22 – Mini Mix-Max: $1K Gtd $0.55
19:05 Monster #19 – 7-Max Knockout Day 1B: $100K Gtd $22
19:05 Monster #19 – Mini 7-Max Knockout Day 1B: $10K Gtd $2.20

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