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PartyPoker is now running WSOP Main Event qualifiers. One of our most recent winners is oldrose62 from Finland. Here is her story:

What route did you take to the final WSOP Satellite?

First I bought into one sub qualifier for $2, but no success. Next Friday I tried again and that was it.

I bought 1 addon for $1,60, won ticket to 80$ qualifier, won ticket to 750$ qualifier and then won WSOP Main Event package!

… and this all happened during one weekend. Quite amazing!

Tell me how the final WSOP Satellite went.

In the middle of this tournament I won two big pots with my pocket [Jx][Jx] and on the bubble I put all the money in the middle of table couple of times. Three times in a row I had excellent hands; [Ax][Kx], [Ax][Kx], [Kx][Kx]. Among all I played quite safe play, but whenever I felt good and felt that I had the best hand,I pushed hard.

Tell me about your PartyPoker story.

I don’t exactly remember how I started to play in PartyPoker. I think it was my husband, who said that there is a quite nice play like shootout and I might like it. I played it and loved it! Lobby is also very easy to use and most of the players are friendly and supportive.

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Tell me how you feel about your Vegas trip.

It is fabulous to go to Vegas. I’m thrilled! I count days to get there. I have been in Vegas few times, so I know there is plenty of amusements. Lots of playing, shopping, spas and entertainment. And not to forget good food they have!

What do you think about WSOP?

At the moment I have some mixed feelings. I already have butterflies in my stomach. WSOP is the biggest event ever which I used to watch on TV and now I will play in it! Huge! Big thanks for PartyPoker for this great first opportunity.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WSOP? And why?

Absolutely Jennifer Harman. She is such a tough player. She is my role model.


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