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Four months ago, Patrick Clarke won the first major live title of his career when he outlasted 410-opponents in the €2,250 buy-in Irish Open Main Event, a result that banked him €200,000. Last night, on August 10, 2014, Clarke took down his first Sunday Major when he emerged victorious in the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

This week’s $200K Guaranteed Sunday attracted 941 entrants, which left partypoker to make up the $24,974 shortfall in the guarantee, which must make this tournament the best value Sunday tournament anywhere in the online poker world! Come grab you slice of the value next week!

It took almost nine hours for the 941 starters to be reduced to the final table of nine and those nine finalist lined sat down with idgafrly holding a huge stack of 1,184,164 and Patrick “clicki88” Clarke in fifth place with 419,346 chips. Here’ how the action went down from the start of the finale until clicki88 won each and every single one of the 4,705,000 chips that were in play.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (August 10, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 YesToCarrots 231,374
2 kengerro 211,621
3 TheBlueBomber 357,965
4 Mmaduro76 373,584
5 hunt1986 518,492
6 BorisBoorda 721,308
7 idgafrly 1,184,164
8 Mette_Vuns 687,146
9 clicki88 419,346

In weeks gone by, the final table of the $200K Guaranteed has been played at a blistering pace and several players had usually bust within the first few orbits. This week was different in that it took 45 hands for the final table to lose its first player, that unfortunate soul being TheBlueBomber.

TheBlueBomber Bombs Out in Ninth Place

Mette_Vuns opened the betting with a min-raise to 30,000 from early position, a bet that clicki88 called from the next seat along. The next two players folded, but TheBlueBomber jammed all-in for 255,957 in total. Everyone folded back to clicki88, who called to put TheBlueBomber at risk of elimination.

It was the of clicki88 against the of TheBlueBomber, making the latter around a 59% favourite to double-up. The flop surprisingly kept the percentages the same, but the on the turn pushed clicki88 in front and when the river was the TheBlueBomber bombed out and clicki88 climbed to almost 800,000 chips.

Mmaduro76 Loses Flip to Bust in Eighth Place

Nine hands later and out eventual champion sent another player to the sidelines thanks to winning a coinflip. From under the gun, idgafrly raised to 31,111 and clicki88 called from a couple of seats over. The action passed to Mmaduro76 on the button and he squeezed to 94,444. The blinds folded, as did the initial raiser, but clicki88 had other ideas and those ideas were to move all-in to put Mmaduro76 to the test for his remaining 248,140 chips. Mmaduro76 called off those chips, showed and discovered he was in a race against the of clicki88.

It was a race that was over almost as quickly as it had begun because the flop improved clicki88 to a set of nines. The on the turn gave Mmaduro76 four outs to a Broadway straight, although it was a long shot. The completed the board and confirmed Mmaduro76’s exit. Clicki88 up to 1.34 million and sitting pretty.

Some 45 hands played out before another coinflip scenario – this one didn’t involve clicki88 – sent YesToCarrots to the rail meaning it was NoToTheVictory for the orange vegetable lover.

YesToCarrots Crashes Out in Seventh Place

By this time, the blinds and antes were 10,000/20,000/2,000a and BorisBoorda opened to 40,000 from under the gun and then called when YesToCarrots re-raised all-in for 476,196 from the small blind.

BorisBoorda turned over and YesToCarrots . If those jacks lost, BorisBoorda would have been left with 988 chips, or around half of an ante. Thankfully, for BorisBoorda at least, the five community cards ran to send YesToCarrots home his own stack to almost one million chips.

Mette_Vuns Vanquished in Sixth Place

Coinflips seemed to be the order of the day and four hands later another took place that left the tournament short of another player. Mette_Vuns raised to 40,000 when first to act, clicki88 was in the next eat across and he three-bet to 140,000. Everyone folded in turn back to Mette_Vuns, who four-bet all-in for 492,644. Getting 1.91:1 on his money and the fact he was sat there with meant clicki88 was priced in to call, which is what he did.

The flop had more clubs than Ibiza and it also put Mette_Vuns ahead courtesy of him pairing his ace. Instead of dancing with joy, Mette_vuns was soon drowning his sorrows because a fourth club, the appeared on the turn to improve clicki88 to a flush and leave Mette_vuns drawing dead. The inconsequential landed on the river and Mette_Vuns exited in sixth place.

BorisBoorda Busts in Fifth Place

Those final five players locked horns for a staggering 94 hands without one of them busting, but then BorisBoorda ran into pocket aces and the tournament was down to four hopefuls. BorisBoorda busted when he open-shoved for 382,082 chips from under the gun during the 20,000/40,000/4,000a level with what turned out to be and kengerro was sat in the small blind with in his hand and one of the easiest decisions he’ll ever have to make in his career. He min-raised, hunt1986 folded his big blind and BorisBoorda was shown the bad news. The board flirted with the idea of coming to BorisBoorda’s rescue, but never actually did. Game over for Boris and game on for kengerro who was now up to a million betting tokens.

idgafrly Edged Out in Fourth Place

Next to go, two hands after BorisBoorda’s demise, idgafrly joined him on the rail after running into hunt1986’s pair of queens. From the button, hunt1986 raised to 80,000 with and idgafrly re-raised to 360,000 from the small blind with . Hunt1986 set idgafrly all-in for the rest of his 290,484 chips and idgafrly called them off.

The flop improved idgafrly to a pair of fours and gave him a straight draw, too. The was no help and neither was the on the river. A valiant effort from idgafrly.

Three-Handed Chip Counts

Seat Player Chips
2 kengerro 1,016,950
5 hunt1986 2,770,802
9 clicki88 917,248

Eleven hands into three-handed play, a huge pot went down that saw hunt1986 open a massive chip lead and the tournament looked like a forgone conclusion.

Kengerro Hops Out in Third Place

A three-times the big blind raise to 120,000 from kengerro on the button was greeted with an all-in bet of 3.07 million from hunt1986 in the small blind and a fold from clicki88 in the big blind. Kengerro liked the look of his and called off his last 604,550 chips and found out his “marriage” was racing against hunt1986’s .

Neither player improved on the board, kengerro busted and hunt1986 took a 3,846,632 to 858,368 chip lead into the heads-up battle with clicki88.

On the 30th hand of one-on-one play, clicki88 scored a much needed double to take a slight lead. All the chips when into the middle of the table with clicki88 holding and hunt1986 the dominated . A final board reading was more than enough to keep the sixes in clicki88’s hand best and matters were now even.

hunt1986 Becomes the Hunted in Second Place

Nine hands later, the contest was over. Clicki had a 3:1 chip lead at this stage and opened the betting with a 100,000 raise from the button with . Hunt1986 called with and the flop fell gifting clicki88 a straight and hunt1986 an open-ended straight draw! The rest of the players’ stacks went into the pot and when the turn was followed onto the board by the river it was all over and clicki88 had won his first Sunday Major at partypoker!

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (August 10, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 clicki88 $27,900
2 hunt1986 $16,900
3 kengerro $10,100
4 idgafrly $7,600
5 BorisBoorda $5,500
6 Mette_Vuns $4,000
7 YesToCarrots $3,180
8 Mmaduro76 $2,500
9 TheBlueBomber $2,000

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