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You’re probably already aware that partypoker has a vibrant Facebook page, but did you know that we also have a secret group on Facebook? One that is private. One that is hosted by our very own Colette Stewart and Dusk Till Dawn’s Nicola Veitch and Michelle Orpe. One with incredible value for its members. One name the partypoker UK Community Forum.

Since its launch a couple of months ago, the partypoker UK Community Forum group has exploded with activity and now boasts of more than 2,600 members, a figure that continues to increase daily thanks to the exclusive offers, promotions and general banter that goes on there.

What promotions/offers can be found in the UK Community Forum?

It’s probably easier to list what promotions and offers can’t be found because the group is teeming with added extras that are continually changing.

We’ve given away MotoGP tickets and poker tournament entries including seats to the WPT National events. Players have had the chance of winning a free Pokerfest Live Main Event seat just for taking a selfie of them playing an online Day 1!

Recently, we’ve started awarding special cash bonuses to forum members who reach the final table of the Daily UK Majors and run weekly bounty freerolls that have some huge prizes added to them, ask Rupen Shah about that.

Rupen entered a bounty freeroll in August and eliminated partypoker employee, Michael Nielsen, while holding a pair of aces, winning £1,000 in cash as a result, not bad for a simple midweek freeroll tournament.

He now plans to use the £1,000 for “accommodation and expenses, plus maybe a drink or two for my team-mates in the UK Team Challenge and treat my wife to a weekend away as a reward for putting up with my poker playing so she can see the benefit of me playing more poker!”

Unsurprisingly, Rupen is a huge fan of the community forum saying “it’s a fantastic way to engage with your audience and build loyalty towards the brand; I don’t know many other sites doing this.”

Your place for all things partypoker

It’s not only about exclusive promotions and offers, although they do make up a large portion of what is awesome about the group! The group is a place to hand out online, chat among your fellow partypoker players, arrange car sharing to Dusk Till Dawn and WPT National events, brag about big wins, rant about bad beats, rail your friends and put forward any suggestions and feedback to any query or problem you may have.

How do I join the partypoker UK Community Forum?

Joining the community forum is free and easy. If you have a partypoker account and are based in the UK then you are eligible to join. Click this link to be taken to the community forum’s page, click the button to request membership and once we’ve checked you are eligible, you’re free to step inside and enjoy all the poker goodness!

If you don’t have a partypoker account, you can create your free account via this link.

I’m not from the UK, can I join a Community Forum?

We’ve recently launched a similar forum for our Canadian customers so if you call Canada home click here to get involved!

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