The Daily Legends continue to provide massive value to partypoker’s tournament players. Daily Legends were designed with the players at heart. They have reduced late registration and limited re-entries which levels the playing field and makes tournament poker fair and exciting again.

Boosted Daily Legends is a cool promotion that runs until October 22 and sees anyone who plays in a Daily Legends tournament have the chance to win a prize. Almost $170,000 worth of tournament tickets were awarded during the first week alone. What did you win?

If giving away more than $400,000 worth of MTT tickets in the Boosted Daily Legends promotion isn’t enough for you, we’ve been adding free Daily Legends tickets to some of our tournaments.

October 6 saw the following Daily Legends tournaments have even more value added to them:

  • 5x $55 Masters tickets added to the $5.50 Five Diamond
  • 7x $55 Gladiator tickets added to the $5.50 Headhunter
  • 9x $22 tickets added to the $2.20 Brawl
  • 7x $77 Magnificent 77 tickets added to the $7.70 Magnificent 7
  • 7x $55 Gladiator tickets added to the $5.50 Flash

Before you clamber for your mouse or fire up the partypoker mobile app and register for some Daily Legends MTTs, let’s take a look at some of the results from October 6.

The Tuesday 500 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 CLE9595 $21,889
2 JonsTheBeast $15,582
3 All_In-PAV $10,995
4 ThomasMorstead $7,613
5 PlzIneedMoney $5,199
6 MatthewStaples $3,953
7 hotsince92 $3,101

The first Tuesday 500, a $530 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed affair played out on October 6. It saw 196 players buy-in and two of our own navigated their way to the final table. Unfortunately, for them at least, they fell short of victory.

Matthew Staples saw his impressive run end in a sixth-place finish worth $3,953. Staples has been tearing up the tables of late and his purple patch of form shows no signs of waning.

Teammate Hristivoje “All_In_PAV” Pavlovic almost reached the heads-up stage but ultimately bowed out in third place. This saw Pavlovic bank $10,995, the tournament’s first five-figure prize.

“CLE9595” and “JonsTheBeast” fought it out heads-up and the former got the job done. First place weighed in at $21,889 with the runner-up securing a $15,582 addition to their bankroll.

The Predator Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Azalea23 $3,159 $1,715
2 Fagaha45 $3,153 $950
3 OMGdreams $2,103 $246
4 Crema9 $1,394 $724
5 Marshmello54 $962 $512
6 Fishin4Fish $664 $732
7 Theleatherbelts $400 $376
8 lov1kkk $297 $200
9 Rombmc198912 $244 $95

The $22 buy-in Predator continues to be one of the most popular additions to our tournament schedule. It will be remembered fondly by “Azalea23” who triumphed in the latest edition and saw their $22 investment swell to $4,874 with bounties included.

Nobody at the final table won less than $498 and six of them won a four-figure prize.

Our champion defeated “Fagaha45” heads-up to scoop the lion’s share of the $50,000 prize pool, which left the second-place finisher to walk away with $4,103 to show for their efforts.

The Headhunter Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 cachacpura $789 $720
2 Yaky46 $785 $167
3 Jonny7 $475 $114
4 Rafael Bento $319 $82
5 FelipeMello93 $218 $43
6 SoSick777 $155 $104
7 villanto $115 $71

A field of 2,533 players competed in the $5.50 Headhunter meaning the $12,500 guarantee was beaten by $798. That’s only part of the story, however, because we added seven Gladiator tickets, each worth $55, to the prize pool. Everyone at the final table got their hands on one of these free tickets and now has a shot at the big time for free.

“cacacpura” was the last player standing in this monster-sized field. This saw his $5.50 initial investment turn into $789 plus $720 from the bounty prize pool and a $55 Gladiator ticket meaning they have a shot at a $50,000 prize pool for free! Wow!

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