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Introducing James “HullJimi” Greenwood, the second to attempt our PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge. Nick Cantwell went first and lasted two weeks – surely James can do better?


Building a Las Vegas fund: James Greenwood

William Wilberforce. Amy Johnson. Phillip Larkin. The Beautiful South. Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot.

Some of Hull’s finest children. And now…!

My name is James “HullJimi” Greenwood and I’m based in Hull, in the North East of England. I’m 29 (OK, I’m 30 at Christmas!), and have been playing poker for the last couple of years, mainly online but periodically live, too.

Nick has failed where Chris Ferguson succeeded, and now it’s my turn to try and transform $25 into life-changing money by applying strict bankroll management and moving up through the levels.

The Rules:

I am not allowed to buy into a cash game or SnG that is more than 5% of my total bank roll (although this gets ignored immediately due to the micro limits!).

I am not allowed to enter an MTT for more than 2% of my total bank roll.

I’ve never really applied myself in the game, always doing silly challenges but this time I mean business. I’ve a reason to get serious – I get married next year (hello, Emma!), and we aim to spend a week of our honeymoon in Vegas. I’ve never been before and I want to go armed with a serious bankroll to play some live cash and tourneys. So this time, it’s poker war and I’ve armed myself with some WMPs – “Weapons of Mass Profit” – PokerTracker, PokerAce and $25 of PartyGaming’s money!

In the same way Nick has, I’ll be blogging on here once a week to keep you informed of how I’m getting on. I’m sure I’ll face some of the same problems Nick did, but I hope to be a bit luckier than he was and hopefully last a bit longer. Feel free to leave some comments with your advice, encouragement, or mild abuse!

See you at the (micro) tables.



  1. Good Luck Jim !!

    Heres hoping you last a little longer than you did in the £5 tourney at Napoleon’s the other week !!

    Remember – Emma’s wedding bankroll depends upon your successful poker strategy !!


  2. I started with $25 in August, and I’ve been up and down. $25 sure lasted me a long time, and that’s as a beginner.

    Good luck, I am attempting to build a bankroll starting with just freerolls.

  3. For any new players reading about this challenge, one of the great benefits is that you learn how to adjust your game as you move up the levels and meet different types of players. And, because you are not risking more than a small percentage of your roll each time you sit and play, it really is a good way to start.

    Good luck all, and leave a commment or write to our blog address (see sidebar)and tell us how you are getting on.

    Simon Young
    PartyPoker Blog