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It was the first time that Igor Kurganov was all-in and for this heat at least it would be the last time.

The Russian opened to 16,000 with , Jason Mercier re-raised to 33,000 with , Kurganov moved all-in for 157,000 and Mercier called it off. The was basically gin for Mercier, the gave him the unassailable nuts and Kruganov was out of his seat before the hit the river.

“Phil Laak is happy as clam soup right now, he’s got four points locked up,” said Jesse May.

But four points is all Laak would get as a few hands later he three-bet all-in for 84,000 with and original raiser Tobias Reinkemeier called the bet with . The flop left Laak drawing slim and it was all over on the turn.

Down to four now in the first heat.

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