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If you read our 300K Guaranteed articles over the last couple of weeks, you may remember that early chipleaders at the final table usually don’t manage to take advantage of their position.

This time it worked. I_Love_P_Stars started the last table with 1,75 million in chips, followed by Run dat Game with 1,6 million. Nothing could stop him to go on taking 1st place and more than $40,000 in prize money.

How much they were playing for

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the tournament and get some numbers out of our way. Anyone who was hoping for one of those beloved overlays got satisfied. With 1,490 players in the $200+15 tournament on Sunday and $300,000 guaranteed the overlay was minimal, but it was there.

Early action at the final table

The final table started with an elimination in the very first hand. Arno1956 was one of the shortstacks and pushed with in late position. Next to act was Run dat Game who found Aces and – who would’ve guessed – looked him up.
Even though Arno1956 managed to hit both his holecards, the board paired on the river and gave Run dat Game two better pairs.

Run dat Game liked his newly gained lead and it didn’t seem easy to get any chips out of him. Meanwhile, I_Love_P_Stars lost some ground and geoelt managed to catch up. After what seemed to be an eternity of tactical play, Bring cabbage joined the leaders to turn this final table into an open game.

Heading into the final lap

CattleAndCane made a dent into Run dat Game‘s stack, when he doubled up with his Kings against Queens. Run dat Game must hate Kings right now, as some time later they sealed his fate. At that point they were lying on a board showing and his had to surrender to I_Love_P_Stars.

Only a few hands later I_Love_P_Stars took out another player. It was shortstack Bronathon, who found himself dominated with against .

With three players left at the table and I_Love_P_Stars having more than 50% of all chips in his stack, discussions for a possible deal started. The three agreed on how to split the money, bringing another successful 300K Guaranteed tournament to a happy ending.

Here’s what the Top10 took home:

1. I_Love_P_Stars $41,495
2. CR000 $30,988
3. geoelt $30,118
4. Bronathon $14,250
5. Run dat Game $11,250
6. Bring cabbage $8,250
7. CattleAndCane $5,550
8. LordFlvcko $4,050
9. Lotti711 $3,000
10. Arno1956 $2,550


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