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When you compete in poker tournaments, you sometimes get a feeling that today is your day and that you’re going to go all the way and take down the first place prize. After navigating hi way through the majority of the field in the latest partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament and then sending someone to the rail after only two hands of play at the final table, “I_DO_PAGEANTS” must have been getting “that” feeling.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (26/01/2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 LebleuPetit 437,030
2 TillyismyEX 845,601
3 Uninc157 537,900
4 Kirk_Enzi 950,035
5 I_DO_PAGEANTS 883,779
6 gunny66 660,306
7 gimpazoid999 401,262
8 AceSpades11 352,804
9 TarpedTony 313,283

As mentioned, the final table’s player count was reduced by one after only two hands. The action folded around to “Uninc157” on the button and he min-raised to 40,000. The small blind folded, I_DO_PAGEANTS three-bet all-on for 929,779 and Uninc157 called off his remaining 485,900 chips. As is often the case in tournament poker, this particular hand was a classic race situation and they say in order to win tournaments you have to win your races – whoever they are. I_DO_PAGEANTS flipped over which stayed ahead of his opponent’s when the five community cards ran out .

Three quick fire hands later and another player’s stack disappeared, although this particular hand was nowhere near a coinflip. “TillyismyEX” opened with a raise to 40,000 from middle position, which folded out everyone up to “AceSpades11” in the big blind. AceSpades11, down to 14 big blinds, pinned his hopes on the in his hand and three-bet all-in. TillyismyEX instantly called, as so would you had you been dealt the best hand in Texas Hold’em, the mighty . AceSpades11 was drawing dead by the turn of the board and exited in seventh place.

Only five hands later, a hand went down that claimed the tournament lives of two players and left I_DO_PAGEANTS with a monster-sized chip lead. “TarpedTony” open-ripped for his 351,283 stack from middle position, only to see “Kirk_Enzi” call of his last 260,035 chips from his seat in the small blind. I_DO_PAGEANTS must have felt all of his Christmases had come at once because he had been dealt and had an easy call to make, which is exactly what he did. He then found his kings were facing TarpedTony’s and Kirk_Enzi’s . A final board reading improved I_DO_PAGEANTS to a hand-winning set of kings, left the final table with five players and I_DO_PAGEANTS with 2,976,997 of the 5,400,000 chips in play – or 55.13% of the chips in play for those out there needing to satisfy their mathematician urges.

A few minutes later and “gimpazoid999” continued the trend of players busting out like being on the sidelines was going out of fashion. I_DO_PAGEANTS opened from the button to 40,000 and “gunny66” three-bet to 120,000 from the small blind. Gimpazoid999, in the big blind, jammed al-in for 309,262 and when I_DO_PAGEANTS folded on the button, gunny66 called. Gunny66’s trailed his opponent’s preflop, but the flop put him in front. The turn gave gimpazoid999 some extra outs, but the river was not one of them. Game over for gimpazoid999.

The eliminations continued when king-nine came good for gunny66 again. This time, TillyismyEX opened with a 2xbb raise to 50,000 from the button with and gunny66 defended his big blind with . The flop hit both players so it was no surprise to see gunny66 check, TillyismyEX lead for 65,775 and gunny66 check-raise to 159,912. TillyismyEX moved all-in for 553,000 in total and gunny66 called. The flush-completing locked up the hand for gunny66, rendering the river completely useless.

Some 99 hands were required to send the next player to the rail, that unfortunate soul being gunny66 who min-raised 4x the big blind to 120,000 from the small blind and then called off his remaining 262,684 chips when “LebleuPetit” set him all-in from the big blind. Gunny66 showed and LebleuPetit . A final board reading was no help to gunny66 and the tournament reached the heads-up stage.

I_DO_PAGEANTS held a 3,459,705 to 1,940,295 chip lead over LebleuPetit but it was far from over as a contest. Thanks to the frantic pace of the rest of the final table, even LevleuPete had over 60 big blinds in his stack.

The deepstacked heads-up battle lasted over an hour and saw LebleuPetit claw his way back into contention, then at 7:17am UK time, with stacks almost even, I_DO_PAGEANTS typed into the chat box “Yes for the Deal” and the players split the remaining prize pool between them based on the chip counts at the time.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (26/01/2014)

Seat Player Prize
1 I_DO_PAGEANTS $22,381.00*
2 LebleuPetit $21,712.88*
3 gunny66 $9,843.12
4 TillyismyEX $7,432.56
5 gimpazoid999 $5,323.32
6 TarpedTony $3,917.16
7 Kirk_Enzi $2,912.762
8 AceSpades11 $2,410.56
9 Uninc157 $1,928.44

*reflects a heads-up deal

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