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A rather successful week! I’m up to over $100 for the first time in the PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge, and I think I’m playing well. I’ve been playing short-handed full ring tables as Party doesnt have 6-max tables at the micro limits – and I think I may have found the game for me.

It appears that “gamblers” join short-handed tables and then try a quick double up – more often than not, they buy in short so they’re easier enough to spot!

So I’ve been playing pretty well, selecting good tables and the challenge is moving forward.

I also noticed that my PokerTracker database has 10,000 hands in it now and so I decided to have a look through the data:

Hands: 10,712

VP$IP: 19.04

BB/100: 9.82

PFR%: 8.14

Aggression Factor: 3.36

Given that I’ve only recently started playing short-handed tables, I think I’m completing in the small blind too often – it looks like a leak to me. Even taking into account pot odds, I’m playing too loose from the blinds and I intend to tighten up this area of my play (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are playing HullJimi and he’s in the blinds, raise!).

I’ve also taken a graph of the data in my PokerTracker database so you can see how things are developing.

I cant tell if the middle stages of the graph of poor play or variance – anyone want to offer any advice?

I’ve also noticed I’m missing playing SNGs and I intend to get to a point where I can introduce them to the challenge. As ever, though, I am not allowed to sit down with more than 5% of the roll at any one time.

I’ve battled to $100 and I think that’s the hardest part of the challenge – hopefully the next $100 will come more easily!

Current Bankroll: $106.39

Last Week: $73.38

James “HullJimi” Greenwood started the Bankroll Challenge with $25. His mission is to grow it using sound bankroll management (no more than 5% on the table) as he goes.


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