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It must be nice to wake up on a Monday morning knowing you have $67,899 more in the bank than you did when the weekend started.  That’s exactly what player Stajje found out today after winning the $300K Guaranteed Sunday.

He fought through a field of 1,741 players, who generated a bumper $348,200 prize pool, to take down the tournament, which once again proved to a success in the weekend schedules.

The buy-in is $215, but you can qualify for much less in our wide range of satellites – see our $300K page for more details. Here is the final table, complete with their rather nice payouts:

1 Stajje, $67,899

2 somethingGood, $37,431.50

3 Day_Trader_7, $23,677.60

4 Oreglegios, $18,454.60

5 Antioxy, $14,972.60

6 Moorman1, $11,490.60

7 R_U_JOE_KING, $8,879.10

8 TrackYou, $6,093.50

9 glider15, $4,526.60

10 tazrufs, $2,959.70


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