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I’m in Bali at the moment in retreat that’s why I’m not at the WPT Prague – I am getting in shape ready to lead the charge at the Aussie Millions.

My karma is great, I am relaxed and getting daily reports on Nordas’ progress at dog university. He is currently undertaking module four – ‘Guarding the Empire’. For that reason I thought it would be nice to unwind at the bar with a glass of red. I was sat there alone only for my inner peace to get disturbed by a huge drunk Russian who was causing problems for the staff. This guy must have been six foot seven and consumed the daily output of a Smirnoff distillery. The heart of Simba in me meant that I couldn’t sit there and let the staff get abused – I was David and he was Goliath.

A Tough Lesson Learnt From Ralph Perry

I learned long ago with Ralph Perry that if you stand your ground the bully will back down. He looked at me for ten seconds and not a pin dropped – is this the end for me I thought? Where’s Nordas when you need him? Then, all of a sudden, he turned back around and headed for the elevator. I sent a bottle of vodka to his room with a picture of Nordas on it and wrote ‘my bark is worse than my bite.’

Let this be a lesson – if you ever meet a bully at the poker table all you have to do is draw your line in the sand and they will retreat no matter how big they are.

WPT Prague

I have been watching what is going on at WPT Prague very closely. I heard Leon is there and the cash games are getting big. What I have really noticed, however, is the rise of the Polish. They are everywhere and all over the leaderboard on day two. Are they about to become a major force in world poker – must be the first time I have seen such a big presence from them. More to the point one of them is a rapper Wojciech Lozowski a front man of hip hop band Afromental.

Stands His Ground

He even hangs out with basketball players. Love this guy. As you can see, he stands his ground all the time. That is why he is doing so well and why I know he can win at poker even though he may not yet have the technical game. He has the heart of Simba and that goes a long way. Till next time – Tony


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