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Those of you who love “the beautiful game” of football will no doubt agree that seeing your team lose can spoil your weekend. Nobody likes losing, but sometimes those inevitable losses can lead to great things. Just ask Colombia’s Guido Mendoza who recently turned $1 into a $10,000 haul playing SPINS.

Guido Mendoza

Guido is a 36-year-old businessman in the food sector who lives in Orito in Colombia. Known as “Hausspengir” at partypoker, which is the name they give to Thor and translates to “the head smasher”, Guido has played poker for 10-years and has been playing more SPINS during 2019.

Sunday 10th February will always be remembered fondly by Guido and his family because it is then that he hit the big time, turning a $1 SPINS entry into a massive $10,000 cash prize.

“I was laying down and decided to watch a soccer match instead of playing SPINS,” said Guido to the partypoker blog, “my team lost and the result left me unable to sleep, so I started to play three SPINS tables and was going pretty good. I opened another table and saw the multiplier land on the 12,000x meaning the prize pool was $12,000!

The SPINS table turned gold!

“Everything seemed like it was moving in slow motion and I couldn’t believe it until the table turned gold.”

With the adrenalin flowing through his veins and his heart pounding, Guido prepared to play for the biggest prize of his poker career. After composing himself, something that took only three hands, Guido set about getting his hands on the $10,000 top prize.

“I quickly figured out my opponents’ playing styles and took control of the game. I felt very comfortable because I had it in my mind that I was going to win the $10,000. I kept repeating in my mind: they’re going to be mine.”

After busting one opponent, Guido had a sizeable lead over his final opponent, who he described as a passive player. The game was flipped on its head when Guido flopped a set and his opponent caught a flush on the river, but Guido didn’t lose his cool like many would have in his situation; he managed to keep tilt at bay.

“I just thought that the hand was in the past and that my opponent was playing like an open book and that the prize was still going to be mine.”

Recovering from a bad beat to win $10,000 from $1

Eventually, Guido whittled his opponent down to a mere four big blinds, which were soon in his own stack, and $10,000 made its way to Guido’s partypoker account.

“Previously, I would have had a mental breakdown after losing that key hand, but several people have helped the mental side of my game. I would like to thank Alvaro Romero, Gustavo Morales, Daniel Ospina, Carlitos Ramos, Carlos Mario Areiza, Danport and Grasquet who have been part of my training as a poker player.”

After checking his partypoker account several times to make sure that him winning $10,000 was real, Guido shed a few tears of happiness brought on by the fact the money he won from this SPINS game was going to make a difference to his business.

“We were planning to expand the family business to improve production and now we can start the construction work because $8,000 is a lot of money in Colombia. We will use this money to complete all the improvements we want to make.”

“I’ve also been able to buy a better computer so I can play multiple tables easier and I’m planning to leave slightly more than $1,500 in my partypoker account for my poker bankroll.”

It goes without saying that SPINS are probably now Guido’s favourite poker format at partypoker and it should not be surprising to anyone reading this article that he highly recommends playing them.

I truly recommend SPINS. They have a lot of recreational players that you can beat with a solid game, plus you have the opportunity to turn $1 into $10,000. Most of all, however, I appreciate the most that they are fast!”

Guido is now convinced that 2019 is going to be his year. After years of grinding online poker, Guido finally has a bankroll at his disposal that will allow him more flexibility in the games and stakes that he plays at partypoker.

His advice for budding poker players and in life?

“Have a purpose in mind, learn about it and give everything. That’s the only formula I know to achieve great results. Good luck!”

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