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Some of you will know that I am an early riser – I love to hear the birds sing in chorus in the morning. I wake up though at a crossroads. I am heading to the Aussie Millions to crush souls after Christmas and before that I hope to spend some time at Tony Resort in Lithuania. It is getting cold there, Zasko likes to sleep on top of a frozen lake.

Before that I am still considering going to Prague later this week for the WPT if I can fit it into my busy business calendar. The capital of the Czech Republic is a beautiful place and hats off to Living it, Loving it for organizing a true festival that features a WPT, EPT and GSOP. I don’t think i will play Jungleman as there isn’t enough incentive for me and, strangely, nobody has approached me directly about staking them.

I hear there is going to be a streamed juicy cash game if nobody wants to play Cates, that could be tempting. I still do hope that someone tackles the Jungleman, I have to say I disagree with all you cynics out there. Poker needs some excitement and something to talk about and this kid playing live does get ears pricked.

Let’s get some fun and excitement back in the game!

I think it is funny that he is playing for a belt, why don’t you all just liven up and remember we have a game we need to bring to new eyes. If this doesn’t work, fair enough, but at least there are people trying. With the year poker has had let’s get some fun and excitement back in the game!

It was while looking at the details of this Jungleman challenge that I saw that Luke Schwartz is playing the ‘undercard.’ When he first burst on the scene I thought he was rather refreshing but his behaviour at the recent Premier League Mixed Game Championship made me think differently.

Is he not just a spoilt little rich kid playing the street angle far too much? Would he not be gone, gone, gone without his backers? Does he, as I have said before, deserve a trike? I understand his parents are top psychotherapists and academics and he has never had a hard life and to the English, Full Flush is the Tim Westwood of poker (a radio dj rapper with a priest as a father). It reminds me of that US rapper who wrote about his time on the street only to be revealed to be a Hamptons set type.

I hope someone crushes him at WPT Prague. Too many pigeons around? What the hell is a pigeon anyway?


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