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James “HullJimi” Greenwood rediscovers some form in the PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge – but it’s hard work…

Played lots of hands this week – I’ve been 6 tabling and have gone back to ABC poker.

In short, it has worked but maybe not as much as I expected it to – I’ve increased my roll by 25% but I was kind of hoping to race to $100.

I guess the reason is that I’ve not quite worked out how to play at this level successfully – yes, I’m a winning player but I kind of expected to “crush” the first level of this challenge.

I think the problem I’ve got is the opposition – I simply:

a) Can’t get them off a hand – on occasions there has been 4 to the flush, I’ve had a set and folded to a bet on the river to find out they had top pair.

b) Raises from UTG and the button are treat in the same way – they’re called! So I’m struggling to protect hands like 10-10 and Jacks by raising more than the standard 4 x BB, only to find out I’m being called by A-4 offsuit… and then the villan hits.

c) The “all-in” monkey. He goes all in with any two and “lols” when his T-3 offsuit hits two pair and you’ve K-K.

It’s so frustrating!

I know all of these players are not considered the best players and I should be glad to have them in my game, but it’s slowly turning me insane!

So, PartyPoker Blog readers, I need some help – am I playing the right way with ABC? Or should it be ATC (Any two cards!)?

Starting roll this week: $40.03

Ending roll this week: $51.09

(James started with $25 and is expected to stick to solid bankroll management as he spins his way towards fame and fortune. Or not.)


As an aside, it’s not only poker where our players can make money. Just ask player bastian221, who scooped $954,242 at ….. on Christmas Eve! What a great Christmas present!

“I actually believed that there is a Santa Claus, since I hit the jackpot on Christmas Eve,” said bastian221 of his jumbo win. When asked about his plans for the money, he said: “I want to fulfil my childhood dream and buy a Porsche 911 and invest the rest.”

This was the first big win for the sculptor, whose favourite games a the casino are Golden Oasis and Sweet Hawaii. He said he intends to keep playing at because it’s “lots of fun”, plus he’s a keen smoker and “I can only recommend playing comfortably from home, where one can still smoke!”.

Smoking is an expensive habit, but bastian221 will not worry now.



  1. I’ve not had a good couple of days and I’ve decided on a change of strategy…..

    No longer am I to buy in with 5% – I’m going to break my own rules and buy in for the full buy-in at the lowest limits. It means I’ll be playing with 10% of my roll each time I sit down.

    This will either get the challenge going or kill it off (called “doing a cloud” after the last guy who tried this!)…..