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Every second Saturday, through one of our four new social media segments, Hear the People, we’re opening the doors to our partypoker players because we understand it’s you, our loyal followers, making partypoker tick. You play on the site day-in day-out and we want to ensure you have the best possible experience each time you login, sit down and play poker. It’s time for you to have your say.

Hear the partypoker People will give you the chance to speak to us directly, to voice your concerns and provide crucial feedback on particular partypoker-related matters. Once we’ve gathered all feedback (both positive and constructive responses are encouraged), we’ll do our utmost to put your feedback and suggestions into practice, which will help in delivering the most desirable partypoker experience.

We will be posting on our Facebook pages every second Saturday and collate all responses once the weekend is over. We’ll also engage everyone on Twitter, via the hashtag #HearThePPP, and ask that you use it to ensure your voice is heard.

partypoker is the online poker site for the people. partypoker is the online poker site for you. Help us to create the partypoker site that you want and deserve. We’re listening so let’s get the conversation started.

This Week’s Hear The partypoker People Subject Is…

… the upcoming improvements to the partypoker software that prevents the use of third party software.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about announcement that using third party software will no longer be available once the partypoker software is updated in the coming weeks. For more information on those changes click this link.

We’re all ears and if you give us your thoughts we promise that all will be fed back to the DTD and partypoker management teams for review.

The stage is yours, over to you!

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  1. After busting out of the Saturday Turbo AM Day 1, I thought that they could have run “on demand satellites”. IE you could have 8 man sit and go satellites, £25 with the top 2 winning a day 1 ticket. I couldn’t afford another Day 1 entry but would have had a crack at a satellite for £25. Most people who busted didn’t re-enter so for those who are knocked out this could be another option to get a ticket. Could even make it £15 with 1 ticket up for grabs (the £5’s are reg fees)

  2. David Taylor on

    The ability to play Day2 online would be great for me as its not easy to travel with prior commitments and I am sure others are in the same boat. However, should I get a decent enough stack for Day3 I would walk to Nottingham barefooted if I had to

    • Yeah I doubt it will happen. I like the idea of playing Day 1 online but I can’t imagine many will be playing Day 2 at home, by that point you’re pretty much playing an online tournament, might as well stick to the higher roller B)

  3. get back descent freerolls. still prefer partypoker as it used to be. too many missions and points rewards are just ok