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It’s extreme, it’s wild and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted; our $300K Guaranteed Sunday is the place to be if you like your poker play red hot.

Our latest tournament didn’t disappoint either, with player justcardcore taking a very attractive $50,525.20 from the tantalising $313,400 prize pool.

justcardcore proved to be the top dog after seeing off 1,566 pretenders and securing a massive payout after eight hours and 23 minutes of non-stop action.

Here’s what the top 10 players received for their performances:

1 justcardcore, $ 50,525.20
2 RIPCURLx, $ 34,420.06
3 Grandioos, $ 33,833.36
4 mrwho888, $ 17,080.30
5 Sidobrun, $ 14,416.40
6 derbesen, $ 10,812.30
7 Verbal_, $ 8,305.10
8 ErikDeBastd, $ 5,484.50
9 gigxxl, $ 4,230.90
10 KingBenno, $ 2,977.30

We can also reveal some more about vovanitsch, the winner of the $300K Guaranteed Sunday from April 13.

Our champ is actually 20-year-old Dimitri who lives in Germany. He got into poker after seeing it on TV and becoming intrigued. A friend taught him how to play and they ended up playing games for play money in his chess club. Dimitri didn’t say how poker’s affected his chess.

The $300K Guaranteed Sunday win marked only the fourth time the medical student had competed in our big-money event and eclipsed his previous best online result of finishing up runner up in a regular $33 tournament.

When it comes to strategy, the Ukraine native said: “I play tight in the first levels and wait for good hands. In late levels I try to play aggressive and double up small stacked or to make pressure on other players as a big stack.”

And what will Dimitri be spending his wings on? “I need a lot of money for my study,” he said. “I will also buy some nice things, like a new computer, and the rest will go to my bankroll so I can play higher limit poker.”

Let’s make our next $300K Guaranteed Sunday update about you. Book your seat at the next tournament by qualifying from as little as $3 or buying in directly for $215.

Check out all the details at our $300K Guaranteed Sunday page .

See you at the tables.


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  1. Man, I want to win this one day. Big money and it’d make a real difference. Well plkayed to this winner