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Hakan Inan
might not be the biggest name on the poker circuit just yet but he sure knew how to answer some of my questions.

Luckily for me I managed to catch up with him last week just after he won a $3,500 WPT National Series Denmark package to the event in Vejle.

Dany Willis: Congrats on winning a WPT seat in Demark, so when did you first start playing poker?

Hakan Inan: Back in 2008


DW: Alright tell us what kind of stakes and games do you normally play?

HI: I like to play big tournaments. I’d say I play about 70% online poker and 30% live poker.

The Emerald Isle

DW: This won’t be your fist major live event right? You did quite well in Ireland, tell us about that?

HI: Yes, that was the WPT Dublin in 2012, I placed 33rd and cashed for €5500

DW: A decent payday there, Seth and I had the chance to talk to Padraig Parkinson whilst at the WPT Venice, he always says that’s a great event. Anyway outside of poker what kind of hobbies and interests do you have?

HI: I like to play football and spend time with my family.

DW: So is this a full time occupation or do you have a day job?

HI: I am sales manager but my big target is to become a professional poker player.

No Fear!

DW: Which players would you be most scared to see at your table? Any pros you’d hope to play with?

HI: I have no idols and I have no fear of big names.

Fast Cars

DW: Wow fearless huh? Okay playing the fun hypothetical pretend game, if you won a big live event what is the first thing you’d buy with the prize money?

HI: Porsche Cayenne.

DW: That was a bit of a snap call answer; c’mon you’d be practicing that one right? Alright last one and I’ll let you get packing for Denmark, rumor is TonyG is going to be in a castle there, so go on tell us how’d you celebrate your victory?

HI: My wife and I went out for a nice meal.

DW: And hopefully you decided on a color for that Porsche right? Anyway once again Hakan thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, a pleasure as usual.

Ohhhhh Vienna!

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