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The KO Super Sunday series saw 20 PKO events take place on February 23rd. Combined guarantees of $1,600,000 were advertised, but your incredible support saw the total prize money awarded break through the $2 million barrier.

One of our own, Jeff Gross, came close to sampling the sweet taste of victory in one of the $320 buy-in events, but had to settle for a final table appearance instead.

Here’s a quick recap of the three biggest events, Some of the prizes are huge!

KO Super Sunday #3-H: $300K Gtd 8-Max

The KO Super Sunday #3-H: $300K Gtd 8-Max smashed through its guarantee thanks to 1,060 players paying $320 to become a champion on Sunday.

Everyone who reached the final table locked up at least $2,278 plus any bounty payments. All eyes were on Team Online’s Jeff Gross who was on course for glory. Gross saw his prize money increase when “topgunrs388” and “Fayran25” busted out in eighth and seventh place respectively.

Six-handed play spanned a short period before Gross’ fateful hand. The action folded to Gross in the small blind and he jammed for a shade under 16 big blind. “poker3019” called in the big blind and the cards were revealed.


No help arrived on the board and Gross was gone in sixth-place.

Poker3019 put Gross’ chips to good use because they navigated their way to a runner-up finish. This netted them $21,518 plus $6,953 from the bounty prize pool. “xxBanioNxx” was crowned the champion and they padded their bankroll with $21,613 plus $24,000 worth of bounties.

You can watch Gross’ archived stream over on his Twitch channel.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 xxBanioNxx $21,613 $24,000
2 poker3019 $21,518 $6,953
3 GebGeb $14,287 $2,246
4 KautoStar $9,571 $1,145
5 Novakdjk $6,784 $5,973
6 JeffGross $4,803 $483
7 Fayran25 $3,365 $1,876
8 topgunrs388 $2,278 $691

KO Super Sunday #3-SHR: $250K Gtd 8-Max

The $2,100 buy-in edition of the tournament Gross finished sixth in drew in a crowd of 141. They created a $289,050 prize pool, much larger than the advertised $250,000.

LittleRussia” was the main beneficiary of the juicy prize pool because they were the last player standing. $24,893 was awarded for winning, plus a cool $47,151 worth of bounties for a combined $72,044. The champion defeated “kristian150” heads-up for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool. Our runner-up banked a total prize in excess of $33,000.

We have to give a special mention to third-place finisher “onehundredeyez”. This is because only the champion secured more scalps along the way. Onehundredeyez collected $13,092 from the bounty prize pool in addition to the $18,094 payout.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 LittleRussia $24,893 $47,151
2 kristian150 $24,865 $8,859
3 onehundredeyez $18,094 $13,092
4 MrDrwamMachine $12,816 $3,675
5 ShortSqueeze $9,047 $8,334
6 kgroqigmqtbmqom $7,162 $1,050
7 Lost Motel $5,699 $3,543
8 Psilocybin $4,523 $2,756

KO Super Sunday #2-HR: $250K Gtd 8-Max

The KO Super Sunday #2-HR: $250K Gtd 8-Max had the third-largest prize pool of the 20 events thanks to 279 players entering for $1,050. Just like the $2,100 buy-in edition, this event saw a massive bounty payment awarded.

Serenity25” was the player getting their hands on that chunky bounty, one worth $37,069. This was in addition to the $21,940 awarded for taking down the tournament. Part of that bounty was formerly on the head of “NewYorkJimmY” who finished in second place. The high stakes regular won $21,912 plus $12,345 for their bridesmaid finish.

Remember “onehundredeyez” from earlier? Well, they finished third in this Sunday tournament too! This third-place finish banked them $15,378 and $4,625 worth of bounty payments.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Serenity25 $21,940 $37,069
2 NewYorkJimmY $21,912 $12,345
3 onehundredeyez $15,378 $4,265
4 luckymelon $11,191 $3,149
5 pokerholdem $7,917 $4,921
6 DasIstMirWurst $5,938 $3,035
7 Paquiitoo $4,187 $1,312
8 BigHoney $3,045 $4,052

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