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So, this is us. Quite the cool, poker playing gang huh? Ready to bring havoc to the tables all over the world. Now, let’s rewind to a few hours earlier…

Reubens hotel, London. After a few days of photoshoots and videos for the new European websites, here we are, Kara Scott, Dragan Galic and his girlfriend, Bodo Sbrzesny and I from team PartyPoker and our blogging master Marko Saric.

It’s almost time for goodbyes, after a couple of weeks hitting the WPT Circuit through Vienna and Bratislava.

We’re sitting at the hotel’s bar, a funny guy plays along with us some old classics on the piano, with Marko and Kara displaying some unsuspected singing qualities.

Between a hand of chinese poker and the other, we come down to how we started, how we got ourselves to this point, and, more important, WHY. What made us embrace the poker player’s lifestyle?


Is it the killer combo hoodie+designer wraparound sunglasses or the impeccable tailored suits, we always look dapper on and off the felt. And yes, of course we have personal stylists. How else would we come up with this?


After all the hard time spent on the tables, we like to treat ourselves right. The latest technology, fine dining at Michelin star restaurants, and of course some powerhouse car to cruise around the world…


With our minds so focused on life changing decisions such as “should I ever 5betfold in BVB in that spot?” and “do I always go broke with quads there?” we just can’t take care of the mundane, silly day-to-day stuff.

That’s why, if you really want to call yourself a Pro you MUST have a personal assistant, a chef and a driver of course. Oh yes, and someone that irons your shirts…

So it’s getting late now, and it’s almost time for goodbyes. Bodo and Dragan are off in just a few hours, but we just can’t leave the table. The storytelling is just too great. So many crazy, funny, heartbreaking, diverse experiences, backgrounds, lives.

Those stories in Italian are called “fatti”, and my grandfather once told me that you can measure how full a life of a man is by how late he can keep you up at night telling his “fatti”.

So there it is, in the end, why we play. It’s the “fatti” I think, hanging out with my team of fun, smart young people, travelling around the world, seeing life and people from a new angle every time, the freedom and the constant challenge that this life offers.


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