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According to the results brought up in my search engine earlier today, the legendary rapper Snoop Dog once said “It aint no fun if the homies can’t have none” and who are we to argue with him? It appears that a handful of partypoker players thought along the same lines as Mr Snoop Doggy Dog because this weekend’s $200K Guaranteed Sunday ended in a four-way chop, which shared out over $60,000 of the prize pool among the “homies.”

More than a thousand players bought into the September 7 edition of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday – 1,067 to be exact – making it one of the largest $200K events in recent weeks.

One-by-one, the dreams of becoming the tournament’s champion faded for those entrants until at around 4:00 a.m BST on Sunday, only nine players remained in the hunt for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (September 7, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 gigisi 548,515
2 onlyGoodMusic 617,011
3 Elena__1987 389,788
4 XulescuXxX 366,677
5 Mateyos 661,348
6 gp18089 557,703
7 relaxplz1 748,147
8 Mpa3yka 654,396
9 ih8cheese 791,415

The blinds at the start of the final table were 5,000/10,000/1,000a meaning none of the nine players were short stacked. In fact, the smallest stack still had more than 36 big blinds in it and that meant plenty of poker could be played.

Twenty-one hands into proceedings, the first casualty of the finale was confirmed. By this time the blinds had increased to a still-affordable 6,000/12,000/1,200a and when the action passed around to gigisi in the cutoff, he raised to 24,000. On the button, onlyGoodMusic re-raised to 60,000 and both blinds folded. A call from gigisi prompted the dealer to fan the flop into view.

Gigisi led for 24,000 chips, onlyGoodMusic raised to 110,400 and then called when gigisi raised all-in for 438,230 in total. It was an ill-timed move by gigisi because he only had the in his hand and was a 94% underdog in the hand with onlyGoodMusic sat with .

The turn was the and the river the , the latter only rubbing salt into gigisi’s wounds.

Eleven hands later and the dream was over for gp18089. Having lost a significant pot when his kings lost to the pocket eights of Elena__1987, gp18089 was down to around 13 big blinds. So when ih8cheese min-raised to 30,000 from early position and gp18089 looked down at in the big blind, the hand basically played itself.

Gp18089 moved all-in for 218,363 and ih8cheese may not like cheese, but he loves pocket aces, which is the exact hand he had opened the betting with. Those held strong as the five community cards fell and gp18089 exited the tournament.

A couple of orbits of the table later and Mateyos lost his stack to Mpa3yka in a cooler of a hand.

Mpa3yka raised to 30,000 from early position with the and Mateyos defended his big blind with a call while holding the . The flop came down , gifting both players two pair. Mateyos initially checked, Mpa3yka continued with a 30,000 bet into the 78,000 pot and Mateyos sprung into life with a check-raise all-in for 366,975. Mpa3yka called and Mateyos was shown the bad news – that he was way, way behind.

The turn failed to alter the course of the hand, and neither did the on the river, which sent Mateyos to the rail in seventh place, leaving six players in contention for the title of $200K Guaranteed Sunday champion.

Those six players became five with the elimination of XulescuXxX some 43 hands after Mateyos crashed out.

relaxplz1 raised to 50,000 and the action passed around to XulescuXxX in the big blind, who then three-bet all-in for a shade under 10 big blinds, or 243,810 chips in total. With over one million chips in his stack – and the fact he held – relaxplz1 called to put XulescuXxX at risk of busting out.

XulescuXxX was in bad shape against those pocket nines because he held the lowly in his hand and needed to hit a deuce or hope for some help from the five community cards. Help arrived on the flop, and XulescuXxX was still ahead on the turn. However, the river was the , which improved relaxplz1 to a higher set and resigned XulescuXX to a sixth place finish.

Unbeknown to the players at the time, the elimination of Elena__1987 20 hands later would be the final exit of this week’s tournament. Elena__1987 moved all-in for 385,176 from under the gun with and Mpa3yka called from the button with the powerhouse hand that was . A drama less set of community cards fell kept Mpa3yka’s queens as the best hand and Elena__1987 crashed out.

The final four players completed 10 hands before deciding to use the inbuilt deal making facility of the partypoker software. With the time now reading 5:31 a.m on Sunday morning and with all four players sat with over one million chips – the average stack was over 44 big blinds deep – it was unsurprising to see then strike a deal for the last $61,100.02 of the prize pool.

With him holding the most chips at the time of the deal, relaxplz1 was the official champion this week, but all four players went to bed as winners having secured payouts ranging from $13,381.81 to $16,285.30.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (September 7, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 relaxplz1 $16,285.30*
2 ih8cheese $15,891.81*
3 Mpa3yka $15,541.10*
4 onlyGoodMusic $13,381.81*
5 Elena__1987 $5,300
6 XulescuXxX $3,900
7 Mateyos $2,900
8 gp18089 $2,400
9 gigisi $1,920

*reflects a four-way deal

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