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There are so many ways to play poker on mobile now that players are at a tipping point between fully embracing the flexibility of the applications (or ‘apps’) and wanting to know exactly how to get the best out of them. Logging on and winning tournaments without even booting up a laptop, let alone sitting in a chair at a poker table can be a fantastic way of maximising your profit. We help you bridge the gap, while sending all of our run-good to your wireless hub!


Maintaining a good WiFi signal is everything, and for many this extends to life, not just the poker table. If you’re playing online, whether on your laptop or mobile device, then the signal is everything. When playing a laptop or notebook-based session, make sure that if big money could be on the line too, that you have a backup internet connection such as a “dongle”. Your WiFi signal at home could be a lot lower than you think. Run a speed test daily if you grind a lot and if the rate of downloading the signal drops off a cliff, get in touch with your network provider, preferably during the day while they have a fully manned customer service phone line.


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Keep your mobile device charged

Checking your other applications are closed is a great idea if you’re on your mobile or tablet. They drain your battery power and if you don’t have access to a power-point to recharge your device then it’s vital that you do all you can to ‘hold’ onto battery power. Make sure that you enable low power mode and dim the light settings on your device. You don’t need to hear the ‘ding’ that reminds you to act on maximum volume, either. Save your energy and your ears. If you’re playing while travelling, even at 30,000 feet with most airplanes allowing WiFi use, keeping your device in airplane mode when you’re not playing will keep those precious percentage pixels as full as they can be.


This may seem like a trivial point, but the bet-sliders that you use when playing online poker are an important factor. If you are betting in simple multiples, then it can be obvious to players that you are playing via a mobile device and therefore they can presume inexperience. They might be dead wrong, but it can change how people play against you and make your life more difficult. Get used to sliding your bets up and down by playing a cheaper buy-in tournament until you are using them with the same control and speed that you are on your laptop. Trust us – it’s worth it.

External Help

When Wifi signal fails and your temper goes with it, if your dongle runs out of credit and you are at a complete loss, help is at hand. Applications such as Wi-Fi Finder or WifiMapper can help you locate your nearest WiFi points. If you’re playing in a live tournament, this can mean another player or person on the rail could help. Downloading thee applications and sourcing help before you begin to play online via your device could save untold amounts of headaches later on. During online breaks coinciding with live breaks, you might also want to add the partypoker blog as a bookmark, so that you can keep your strategy articles handy at all times.

Live and Online

Plenty of players have integrated multi-tabling into their live game experience by taking their tablet or cell phone with them to a tournament being played at the real felt. There are a number of etiquette issues if you want to join them, however. Be sure not to be so distracted by your online game that you are rude and discourteous to your tablemates who are sitting next to you in the live game. Tablets or phones are often allowed only to be rested on the border of the table instead of the felt itself, and aren’t permitted to be used during the game. While you’re online, you can always check on hotel rooms if you’re about to make Day 2 of the live tournament you’re in. Just be sure to remember to check the online tournament details if it happens to be a satellite tournament. Research where the target tournament is going to be, otherwise you could be detracting from optimal concentration in two games rather than one!


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