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The $5 million guaranteed Monster Series kicked off in style on October 21 and will keep attracting poker players from around the world until October 31st. With the first 28 of 140 scheduled events already completed, there are plenty of rewards left to those who participate until then.

Looking back at the first 2 days of the Monster Series, there are some events and achievements worth pointing out;

The Monster-02-Mid-Stakes: $70K Gtd, PKO on October 21st, attracted a field of 965 players creating a $53,946.79 prize pool with a bounty of $16,053.21. This huge sum of money was divided up between the top 136, after a deal was made between them at the final table, which saw the bottom players min cash for $124 from a buy in of $55.

$7,985 was taken by the champion, ccsaba123 , from Hungary.


Monster-02-Mid-Stakes: $70K Gtd, PKO  Results

Place Player Prize (R$)
1  ccsaba123 $7,985
2 artemur_ $7,940.48
3 IQ4321 $4,396.66
4 decksio $2,945.49
5 Jamesryan104 $2,087
6 gemmeutemme… $1,478
7 bigb0ss827 $1,035
8  youbetipush $701.30
9  October06 $550.25

On the same day, different event; Poland based MarcoGambino bested 824 entrants and took home $8,925 in the 2-day event, Monster-03-Mid-Stakes which had a prize pool of $50K. The event saw 104 entrants cash in, with the min cash making $155 from a buy in of $33.


Monster-03-Mid-Stakes: $50K Gtd  Results

Place Player Prize (R$)
1 MarcoGambino $8,925
2 Iachudra17 $6,350
3 oucca $4,265
4 zaniacthemaniac $2,890
5 LayMfknLow $2,040
6 nix0k0ftis $1,470
7 DaniBoti $1,050
8 Boblmm $730
9 massi_83 $585


The second day of the Monster Series also saw two great events; the Monster-07-Mid-Stakes: $80K Gtd, Ultra-Deep and the Monster-10-Mid-Stakes: $100K Gtd 6-Max.

British player ricardo7p got crowned champion of the Monster-07, taking home  $13,520. The event had a buy in of $55 and 1,503 entrants competing for a prize pool of $80K. Graywolf  cashed in second for $9,600 while U8MyEdge cashed $6,240 in third.


Monster-07-Mid-Stakes: $80K Gtd  Results

Place Player Prize (R$)
1 ricardo7p $13,520
2 Graywolf $9,600
3 U8MyEdge $6,240
4 Praxx519 $4,168
5 jgjg3000 $2,960
6 swoonbaby $2,080
7 alushi6 $1,440
8 HomemBroca $952
9 JeffDosso $728


The huge 100K Gtd Monster 10 had a buy in of only $44. 1882 entrants played the event with 276 players cashing. The champion was FishOnHeater, also from Hungary, who added $13,507.20 to his bank account. Closely behind the champ, were second place MagicMan11111 with $10,200 and third place soldado310 with $7,750.


Monster-07-Mid-Stakes: $100K Gtd  Results

Place Player Prize (R$)
1 FishOnHeater $13,507
2 MagicMan11111 $10,200
3 soldado310  $7,750
4 anton1958 $5,600
5 DasROHR $3,710
6 KingInStool $2,150
7 luccaspie $1,400
8 EverFla $1,400


The Monster Series enters it’s third day today and there will be plenty of fresh coverage on the best events and recent champions in our blog, so stay tuned for more!



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