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Hundreds of budding poker players have been heading to the partypoker virtual felt throughout August and September each sharing the same common goal: to accumulate chips for the UK Team Challenge live final.

A total of 173 teams were created meaning whoever progresses to the live final at Dusk Till Dawn will be playing for a share of the £35,000 that partypoker has put into the prize pool – a superb freeroll we’re sure you’ll agree. 105 teams have earned 250,000 chips and the right to play in the live final. As you’d expect from a format such as this, some teams have relatively small stacks and others, such the HITSQUAD ALSORANS, The Ninja Turtles and nits&natter, have more than a staggering 4 million chips each.

The total number of chips a team earns online is divided equally among each team’s registered players, so long as each team member has earned at least 30,000 chips toward their team’s overall total. For example, Team A has four members and has 500,000 chips when the online element is completed. When they sit down at Dusk Till Dawn on the weekend of October 10, each will do so with 125,000 chips each (500,000). However, if only three members turn out for the live final, they still only receive 125,000 chips each as their initial team was registered with four players.

UK Team Challenge Live Final Blind Structure

Simon Trumper and his excellent tournament staff have devised a blind structure that gives plenty of room to manoeuvre, even if a team only has the bare minimum of points. Blinds start at 500/1,000/100a, which means even a four-player team who progresses to the live final with the least number of chips possible (250,000 overall), each of those four players receives 62.5 big blinds, and with a 40-minute clock even the short stacks are not going to be desperate to make a move.

What do Points Make? Prizes!

Players in the live final earn points for their team based on their individual finishing position. Should between 300 and 400 players reach the live final, the top 200 finishers each earn precious points for their team.

Scraping into the top 200 awards 12,500 points, while a final table appearance sees this total boosted to a hefty 337,500. The last man, or woman, standing secures 500,000 points for their team.

The points system should make for some interesting strategic play once players progress to the points-awarding places, with some players knowing they need to reach a specific finishing position in order to keep their team in contention for a cash prize. It’s certainly a unique and interesting dynamic that will see players put pressure on those who are still battling for one of the top finishing positions.

What are the UK Team Challenge Cash Prizes?

Pride and glory aside, there’s plenty of cash to be won during the UK Team Challenge live final. The £35,000 prize pool is split between the Team and Individual prize pools. £28,000 is reserved for the team prizes with £7,000 earmarked for the individual prizes.

The top five teams win a share of that £28,000 with prizes ranging from £1,800 for fifth place up to a cool £12,000 for the eventual team champions. Anyone reaching the final table wins a share of the individual prize pool, with a min-0cash being £300 and the UK Team Challenge Live Final’s winner walking away with £2,250.

Your Five Minutes of Fame

To add to the prestige of the whole event, the partypoker live reporting team is on hand to catch you in action and write about your triple barrel bluffs with queen-high for the world to see. We’ll also have a world class photographer on hand to capture the moment, and hopefully have you and your team lifting the UK Team Challenge trophy aloft, beaming from ear-to-ear as you write your way into poker’s history book.

The Top Teams and Individuals

Team Leaderboard (Final Standings)

Place Player Total Chips
2 The Ninja Turtles 4,040,400
3 nits&natter 3,923,000
4 Team Kick-Ass 3,123,200
5 Herd of Donkeys 2,938,200
6 The donkey hunters 2,553,000
7 Quad Kings 2,531,400
8 BRS Sprawlers 2,522,400
9 BLONDE TAMM 2,448,000
10 IRONMAN 3+1 2,322,600

Individual Leaderboard (Final Standings)

Place Player Total Chips
1 nitsandnatter 1,789,800
2 mrdoovde 1,593,400
3 DoobieFish 1,452,600
4 richking 1,247,400
5 EBBERDON47 1,226,200
6 hittheshowers 1,175,600
7 stujones7 1,161,600
8 pokerskillz1983 1,148,800
9 rosjim1 1,055,000
10 BAD-AIDS 1,016,000

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