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The final whistle has been blown and we have found our WSOP for Life Grand Final champion; congratulations to Essam_Ali who fought off 442 contenders to win our dazzling prize!

There was plenty at stake at WSOP for Life Grand Final so the competition was fierce. The $50,000 prize pool was the consolation prize in this huge tournament.

WSOP seat for the next 20 years

Players were gunning for the coveted WSOP for Life package – which offers the winner a seat at the World Series of Poker every year for the next 20 years.

The nail biting final hand saw Essam_Ali dealt  and confidently call IDestroySPAs’s all-in with a . All of IDestroySPAs’s fears were confirmed with a  flop and Essam_Ali finally claimed his WSOP for Life package with two pairs thanks to an  turn and a  river.

Shinosaurus finished 5th – just missing out on one of the runner-up prizes, a $14k package to this year’s WSOP. After being dealt , Shinosaurus fearlessly went all-in. Unfortunately, his cards were no match for Essam_Ali’s  on a  board. Still, bagging $18,120.00 for 5th place shouldn’t have been too painful!

Top 10 payouts

After a spectacular 7 hours of poker, our top 10 payouts were well deserved:

  1. Essam_Ali WSOP for Life package
  2. IDestroySPAs $14K WSOP 2010 Package
  3. RAALF44 $14K WSOP 2010 Package
  4. ChuJung $14K WSOP 2010 Package
  5. Shinosaurus $18,120.00
  6. topgun1980 $13,590.00
  7. krustyoo7 $9,513.00
  8. rondor3000 $7,066.80
  9. carpearcha $5,662.50
  10. Gladston3 $4,756.50

A special mention must be given to our Bubble Boy – WelcomeXD. Being dealt a pair of tens is always a good feeling when you’re so close to making the money but Gladston3 flopped a  to match his  pockets. A  turn secured a slice of the money as a  river couldn’t help WelcomeXD. Close, but no cigar!


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  1. That’s probably the best qualifying package I’ve seen so far to get into the WSOP. Congrats, I wish I had played.