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Dragan Galic at EPT San RemoHi Pokerfriends,

Today is the Day 3 of the 2k Side Event in San Remo. At the Main Event I couldn´t make it to Day2, was suffering 4 suck outs in a row by the same guy. Calling with Q 7 or K 8 raise and re-raise preflop to then hit the 3 outers against my QQ or TT for example.

But OK that´s poker life and hard to understand how somebody is playing like that and spending 5k+ as buy in. Of course these people hardly make it into the money and that is even more hard to accept, that a beginner takes your hard earned chips to blow them away in later levels.

On day one of the 2k side event I also had to accept a strange thing that did not happen to me before. I had 180k in chips (around chiplead) when the break started and after the chip race close to the end of Day 1, I only had about 160k left.

Of course I made a lot of trouble and needed my time to calm down. As it looks like I managed to focus again and now there are only 14 players left and I am between the top 3. Hope to make it to the top at the end today… see you later, hopefully with a trophy in my hands!


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