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The tournament has just become an all-male affair because Emma Tolley has been eliminated in eighth place.

Kevin Williams opened to 26,000 and Tolley called in the small blind with . Reece Lewis was in the big blind and he four-bet to 62,000 and rightly so because he held the mighty . Williams made a solid fold with his but Tolley called.

The low flop saw Tolley tap the table and check, lewis continue with a 125,000 bet and Tolley call. The turn was another low card and it prompted another check from Tolley. Lewis bet again, making it 175,000 to play and Toby Lewis commented on the stream that he thought Tolley would shove. And he was correct! Tolley moved all in for 405,000 and amazingly Lewis didn’t instantly call, but he did eventually did.

Lewis was way in front and he stayed that way as the fell on river to send Tolley to the rail.

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