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Bomann77’s straight was not the best hand, howeverm because LA_VAQUITA had rivered a flus with his and this busted bomann77.

Some 52 hands players out before another casualty was confirmed, the aggressive LA_VAQUITA being the unfortunate soul to bust. Down to around 10 big blinds, LA_VAQUITA moved all-in from the cutoff for 263,512 with the and was looked up by KichiHoshiko in the small blind who held the dominating .

By the river the board read to improve KichiHoshiko to a diamond flush and to leave LA_VAQUITA without any chips.

Another 19 hands player out before a huge coinflip claimed the tournament life of MaXiOwnS. KichiHoshiko min-raised to 50,000 from under the gun and KidAlex13 made it 125,000 to go from the small blind. MaXiOwnS then four-bet all-in for 529,092 from the big blind and when KichiHoshiko stepped out of the way kidAlex13 called.

KidAlex13 revealed the and was racing against the of the all-in MaXiOwns. The jacks stayed best on the flop, but fell behind on the turn. The failed to come to MaXiOwnS’ rescue and the tournament now only had four players remaining.

Those four became three some 40 hands later, during which time there were several big pots won and lost. The key elimination hand saw Fitckooo raise to 60,000 when first to act and KichiHoshiko call from the big blind. The flop came down , KichiHoshiko checked, Fitczkoo bet 73,500 and KichiHosiko check-raised enough to set his opponent all-in. Call.

KichiHoshiko showed for a flush draw and needed some help as Fitczkooo showed . The didn’t change a thing, but the flush-completing did; it sent Fitczkooo to the rail.

The three remaining players butted heads for 146 action-packed hands before something gave and KidAlex13 sent on his way. KichiHoshiko opened to 60,000 with the and then called when KidAlex13 moved all-in for 390,753 with the , both players made a flush on the flop and KidAlex13 was drawing dead. The turn was followed onto the board by the river, sending KidAlex to the sidelines and the tournament into its heads-up stage.

Dueces6 held a 3,575,393 to 1,234,607 chip lead, but shortly after pulling almost level with each other, the players used the inbuilt deal making software and agreed to split the remaining prize pool evenly, ending the tournament there and then.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (June 1, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 Dueces6 $22,400*
2 KichiHoshiko $22,400*
3 KidAlex13 $10,100
4 Fitczkooo $7,600
5 MaXiOwnS $5,500
6 LA_VAQUlTA $4,000
7 bomann77 $3,180
8 Brocccoli $2,500
9 turnover2 $2,000

*reflects a heads-up deal

goa_1908 Wins the Pokerfest $25,000 Main Event

Also ending in a two-way chop was the $25,000 Guaranteed Pokerfest Main Event. A staggering 1,818 players bought in and smashed the guaranteed by over $8,000 much to the delight of those who made it into the money places.

The biggest winners were goa_1908 and W0rdForward

Place Player Prize
1 goa_1908 $3,608.68*
2 W0rdForward $3,407.44*
3 makeme_high $1,555.11
4 DoNGordoNN $1,158.06
5 boutchafou $810.64
6 P1lsat0r $612.12
7 twinsmaker01 $463.22
8 VadimUR2 $363.96
9 sunshine8O8O $281.24

*reflects heads-up deal


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