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Ever since the aptly named Chris Moneymaker turned a $38 buy-in satellite into $2,500,000 by winning the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, satellite tournaments have become one of the most popular formats in the online poker world.

Satellite tournaments offer the opportunity to play in higher buy-in tournaments, usually with much larger prize pools, for a fraction of the cost and can often be a gateway to a massive score.

One problem with satellite tournaments is that they require a different strategy to a standard cash tournament, the former of which being all about survival while accumulating chips is the main goal in cash tournaments.

So what if someone created a tournament that awards cash and seats to a higher buy-in event? Well look no further as Dusk Till Dawn has done exactly that. They can all be found in the partypoker lobby.

Once you log-in to the partypoker lobby you’ll see the 19:00 BST tournaments, called Daily DTD, and their turbo equivalent at 22:00 BST. These tournaments combine both cash rewards and buy-ins to another event.

The concept of these Daily DTD events is simple: approximately 75% of the guaranteed prize pool is paid out in cold, hard cash, while the remaining 25% is paid in tournament tickets to a higher buy-in event, giving you the chance to win an even larger prize at a future tournament.

Check out the graphic below for an overview of the DTD Daily schedule, pay-outs and blind information.

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As you can see, the Daily DTD tournaments have buy-ins of $5.50 and $27.50, with the $5.50 buy-in event awarding 20 x $27.50 DTD tickets and the $27.50 variety dishing out 20 x $120 DTD tickets – in addition to a sackful of cash. These tickets – and the tournament’s prize pools – are doubled on a Sunday despite the buy-ins remaining the same.

If you are fortunate enough to finish in one of the positions that awards a $27.50 or a $120 ticket, you can use these for any partypoker tournament in the lobby that has the same value, or for a live tournament at Dusk Till Dawn’s Nottingham-based casino.

Although the Daily DTD tournaments have been designed to be affordable for the majority of our players, we have decided to run satellite tournaments into each of the buy-in levels, making them even more accessible to players of all bankroll and skill levels.

Every 15 minutes, on a daily basis, between the hours of 12:00-21:00 BST, $5.50 Ticket DTD Cent-Roll tournaments will be running and, despite having a buy-in of a paltry $0.01, at least one $5.50 ticket will be won.

In addition to those Cent-Rolls, every 30 minutes during the same time period daily, there is $27.50 Ticket DTD Satellites running that cost only $5.50 to enter and guarantee at least one $27.50 ticket.

It is possible, should you buy into and win one of the Cent-Roll tournaments and then progress through the $5.50 and $27.50 buy-in levels, to win your seat to the Grand Prix Million for a measly $0.01. That, we’re sure you’ll agree, blows Moneymaker’s story clean out of the water.

Have you been playing in the Daily DTD tournaments? What’s your best result in them so far? Let us know in the comments box below.

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