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Andreas Olympios, a regular at Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham, has become a World Poker Tour champion after he topped a field of 3,956 in the 2016 partypoker WPT500 at Aria, a superb result that came with a career-best score of some $260,000.

2016 partypoker WPT500 at Aria Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Andreas Olympios $260,000
2 Wesley Hickey $185,000
3 Drazen Ilich $135,000
4 Robby Seurynck $100,000
5 Jonathan Opas $75,000
6 Sanjay Mayekar $58,000
7 Khoan Ho $45,000
8 Guy Gorelick $35,000
9 Guy Cicconi $27,150

Olympios went into the nine-handed final table with the second shortest stack, but laddered once place on the payout table on the ninth hand when Jonathan Opas opened to 425,000 from early position, and then called with when Guy Cicconi three-bet all-in for around 10 big blinds with . The board ran to end Cicconi’s tournament.

Three hands later, Guy Gorelick moved all-in from the button with and Opas called in the small blind with the dominating . Both players paired their seven on the flop of the board, but Gorelick couldn’t find a jack and he bust in eighth place.

Seventh-place went to Khoan Ho, who fell four hands after Gorelick bust. Ho made it 700,000 from under the gun at the 150,000/300,000/50,000a level, Opas made it 2,200,000 from the next seat along, and Ho called all-in. Ho showed and was up against the of Opas.

An ace on the flop and turn of the community cards ruined Ho’s afternoon and left only six players in the hunt for the title.

Six-handed play lasted 31 hands, and ended with the elimination of Sanjay Mayekar. Down to 10 big blinds, Mayekar moved all-in from under the gun with and was called by Drazen Ilich in the next seat along with the . A queen on the flop melted Mayekar’s snowmen, sending him home with a $58,000 score.

More than 70 hands were played before the next casualty, thanks to most of the players doubling at some point, Olympios included.

On hand 120 of the final table, Opas moved all-in from the cutoff with and Olympios called in the big blind with . The queens held true as the five community cards fell to send Opas to the rail in fifth place.

Opas’ exit meant the surviving four players were guaranteed a six-figure score, and it was Robby Seurynck who was the first to collect one of these sizable sums.

Seurynck pushed 20 big blinds into the middle from under the gun with the and Olympions called with , going on to win the coinflip when the dealer spread the board, which also catapulted Olympios into a big chip lead over his last two opponents.

Five hands later, Ilich found himself all-in with against the of Wesley Hickey. The five community cards fell to bust Ilich, and send the tournament into the heads-up stages.

It only took 10 hands for Olympios to seal the deal. On hand 143 of the final table, Olympios limped for 600,000, Hicks made it 2,000,000, and Olympios called.

Hickey moved all-in on the flop with what turned out to be , and Olympios called with . The locked up the hand for Olympios, with the river resigning him to second place, a finish worth $185,000.

Olympios was swamped by his friends who had railed him throughout final table proceedings, and no doubt they celebrated with their Manchester-based poker playing friend long into the Las Vegas night.

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