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You’ll have noticed by now that we’re giving tons of extra value to our cash games players. Indeed, today marks the start of the revamped Cash Game Leaderboards where $1 million will be won in March.

Hundreds of our players have already won substantial cash prizes just for playing their favourite games. “doulas12” is one such player.

Doulas12 won the first Pot-Limit Omaha High leaderboard we ran. They’re originally from Greece but now reside in Cyprus and have played professionally for the past 15-years.

“I discovered poker in 2003 when a friend of my cousin introduced me to it; it stuck with me ever since.”

The talented grinder worked their way up from a small bankroll and now playing high stakes PLO at partypoker.

“I started with a $20 roll playing micro stakes and moved up to $2/$4 and $3/$6 Hold’em within a year. Over the next few years, I transitioned to limit Hold’em and played up to $1,000/$2,000. I was young and had no idea of the value of money.”

Leaderboards Champion Had to Rebuild

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, however, despite their meteoric rise through the ranks.

“My biggest lesson was also my biggest loss when I dumped my entire roll, $400,000 at the time, in one night playing four heads-up tables of $200/$400.”

Definitely a lesson learned!

PLO has become doulas12’s focus over the past couple of year, mixing it up with some tournaments and travelling to a couple of live events each year. It’s their PLO prowess that has seen them pad their bankroll with the top Cash Game Leaderboard prize.

“I didn’t start playing on party because of the leaderboards but when I became aware of them it became a challenge to me because I am very competitive in nature. I think it’s a great incentive for me because after grinding all these years I started to lose my drive. I play a lot regardless, but when there is a set goal for me at the end I tend to play even more.”

Being able to log a lot of volume is a major advantage for doulas12 and they’re looking forward to grinding the new, improved, and bigger leaderboards in March.

The leaderboard changes are exciting

“I realise that I play more than most people and that is my competitive advantage when it comes to leaderboards and races. The new leaderboard changes are very exciting and I am happy partypoker puts an emphasis on rewarding the players who put in volume.”

We listen to all the feedback from our players, hence why the cash game leaderboards are even better now. Doulas12 left our little chat with some improvements they’d like implementing. Do you agree with what was said?

“The only thing that I’d like to add is a request from me and many other players I talk to to increase the fastforward time bank, preflop and postflop, and to also add seconds to the timebank of the individual tables the longer one plays them.

“Other than that, I am very happy with partypoker’s approach to the game and they way they treat their players, especially with their super-fast support which proves they are the leader in the industry.”

Tips For Climbing the Ladder!

New Zealand’s “TheLoraxMan” finished on top of the No-Limit Hold’em High leaderboard, finishing with almost 700 more points than their nearest rival.

The 21-year-old physics student is a cash game specialist who has played all cash formats since discovering this crazy game three years ago.

The New Zealander decided to go for the top spot of the leaderboards when he noticed another high volume player had seemingly taken a couple of days off grinding.

“I noticed they’d taken two days off so I committed to winning first place and schedule my week accordingly,” said the leaderboard champion.

Winning a leaderboard is always going to leave you with positive thoughts about them. Our winner is certainly happy about the leaderboards, but not just because they finished on top.

“The cash game leaderboards are good value and can make even losing players profitable. I think they are great for cash games in general because they allow games to run even when there aren’t many recreational players at the tables. The new changes mean that more people can win and with even more money added for March, I think the prospects for partypoker cash games are good.

Everyone can win big at partypoker. The LoraxMan’s biggest tip for climbing the cash game leaderboards is, unsurprisingly, to “play lots!” You also, according to them, need to be “hard working, be consistent, and have a competitive nature.”

Learn more about the Cash Game Leaderboard here.

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