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We’d be remiss, with the Grand Prix Poker Tour heading to Newcastle from February 20-21, if we didn’t offer some advice of what you should be doing when you’re away from the tables.

Here’s half a dozen ways you to make the most of the city that never sleeps but don’t blame us when you wake up wondering how, due to events at the after party beyond our control, you forgot such a memorable day.

Where angels play

Angel of the North

What do you think of when you picture Newcastle? Is it The Angel of the North, an iconic monument known across the UK? Once burned but twice adorned with the shirt of a certain Alan Shearer, the 20-metre tall, 54-metre wide structure dominates the landscape like you will if you have the chance of returning to the tables.

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St. James' Park, Newcastle

Match day at St. James’ Park brings out a tornado of passion, emotion and excitement, the city centre becoming so congested it feels like it’s about to burst like a fat man at Christmas.

Fortunately for everyone concerned, Newcastle United aren’t playing during Grand Prix Poker Tour St.James’ Park, so you’ll be able to enjoy a calm and peaceful tour of the famous ground. With daily tours at 11.30, 12.30 and 14.30, you can enjoy a whirlwind journey through time and take it from me, you’ll love it. Discovering everything from Jackie Milburn to Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer to… um, John Carver, it will be an afternoon you won’t forget (until the evening activities get underway). In all seriousness, the tour offers a fascinating glimpse into a football club with an abundance of history. You’ll feel like part of the team by the end of the tour, useful for anyone with a half-decent right foot as you might be called upon for the team’s next match.

Earn Your Dancing Stripes


Last time the partypoker team rocked up in Newcastle, there may have been one or two drinks at Tiger Tiger and I’m pretty sure the bar’s Grey Goose supply went deep into its reserves. Some dance moves were too hot even for the Swedish-language version of Saturday Night Fever. Saturday night will be more than all right as you’ll be dancing with a bevy of beauties, making the most of boogying away built up tension from the tables.

Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium

Are you sick of seeing fish at the felt? Then go have a look at some of the most stunning underwater dwellers since Series 1 of Late Night Poker. Located at the Grand Parade and open from 10am-5pm daily, you can get up close and personal with all sorts of gill-flapping friends. Face to face with sharks, clownfish, seahorses and even stingrays, you’ll be thrown into the deep-water world. And it doesn’t stop there as you can even moon at monkeys (not in the way you’re thinking), gape at reptilian rascals and pet sea lions at Seal Cove. Dive in but remember not to behave like a fish once you’re back at the tables.

Lost World Adventure Golf

Lost World Adventure Golf

Many poker players love a good game of golf and who doesn’t love dinosaurs? So, in your downtime I strongly recommend you venture to Lost World Adventure Golf, where you get to combine your love for swinging clubs and all-things prehistoric.

The Stand Comedy Club Newcastle

Frankie Boyle

If, at the end of a long day staring at hole-cards, flops and river, you’re in need of a giggle then head to High Bridge Street and The Stand, popular comedy venues that started in Scotland. Now recognised as one of the best places in Newcastle to go for a laugh, top comedians – such as Frankie Boyle, pictured – proudly provide Geordies a valid reason for out-of-control hysterics. If you’re reading this Frankie, which is as unlikely as experiencing a sunny Newcastle day coupled with a Toon away win, we thank you.

Have you ever been to Newcastle? Perhaps you live in the North-East. What are your favourite things to do in the amazing home of the Geordies? Let us know in the comments box blow.

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