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Devon Miller, a young agressive player that bought into the tournament with $10,000 cash has been on a tear. Starting with only $76,000 chips, Devon has skyrocketed to $350,000 in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

On a totally unrelated note…My trustworthy PR man Warren Lush has been living up to his name by being the life of the party in the Crows Nest each night. Earlier he reported that he was off to get his dinner jacket for a formal night of “lushing about”. He showed up in his dinner jacket all right, but it looks like it just came out of the hamper!

Back to the tournament…Kenna James now has over $500,000.

John Doulamis was eliminated in 24th place when his two pairs were gunned down by an A3 that made a gutshot straight on the river.


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