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Derrick Rosenbarger, an Air Force jet pilot from Clovis, New Mexico, will have a Christmas to remember after winning the $500,824 first place prize at the televised partypoker World Poker Tour (WPT) Montreal Main Event.

Rosenbarger went into the six-handed final table as the second shortest stack, but he kept his nerve, picked his spots well and kept himself in contention. This is how the final table lined up:

Seat Player Chips
1 Serge Cantin 6,960,000
2 Mukul Pahuja 5,945,000
3 Derrick Rosenbarger 1,985,000
4 Alexandre Lavigne 2,150,000
5 Lily Kiletto 370,000
6 Sylvain Siebert 8,435,000

Despite Lily Kiletto starting the final table armed with only six big blinds, it took 34 hands for the first player to head to the rail – and it wasn’t Kiletto. Alexandre Lavigne saw the action fold to him in the cutoff seat and he decided to move all in for 1,100,000 chips with what turned out to be . Serge Cantin was the big blind and he called, showing as he did so. By the river the board read , busting Lavigne who picked up $98,574 for his efforts.

One hand later and Kiletto came unstuck. Having doubled up twice early on at the final table, Kiletto was all in for 650,000 and up against two callers in the shape of Mukul Pahuja and Sylvain Siebert. The two active players checked the flop, then Siebert bet 400,000 on the turn. Kiletto revealed the while Siebert flipped up . The completed the board and Kiletto headed to the Playground Poker Club’s cashier to collect $121,848.

The remaining four players butted heads for the best part of 35 hands before the play passed around to Siebert on the button and he moved all in. Cantin, in the small blind, called and showed pocket eights, which were ahead of Siebert’s . A board reading saw the pot slid towards Cabntin and left Siebert with nothing but dust where he chips used to be. Sibert won $162,936 for his fourth place finish.

Three became two eight hands later when Cantin found himself all in, again with a pair of eights. This time his “snowmen” needed to hold against Pahuja’s , but they couldn’t manage it because the dealer spread the board, Cantin busted and headed to the sidelines armed with $220,170 in prize money.

The heads-up battle between Pahuja and Rosenbarger started with the former holding a 17,600,000 to 8,250,000 chip lead. Rosenbarger managed to find a double up and by the time 25 hands of one-on-one poker had played out, Rosenbarger led.

It was then Pahuja’s turn to double-up, but after doing so he still trailed Rosenbarger. Then on Hand 152 of the final table, Rosenbarger set the price to play at 600,000. Pahuja three-bet all in for 6,975,000 and Rosenbarger snap-called. The Air Force pilot flipped up a pair of queens, while Pahuja tabled . The [9dh] flop gave Pahuja some outs to a straight in addition to his overcard; the allowed Pahuja to catch a third four to win, too. The river failed to alter the course of the hand, Pahuja busted ($340,928) and Rosenbarger had won the partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event.

WPT Montreal Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize
1st Derrick Rosenbarger $500,824
2nd Mukul Pahuja $340,928
3rd Serge Cantin $220,170
4th Sylvain Siebert $162,936
5th Lily Kiletto $121,848
6th Alexandre Lavigne $98,574

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