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It’s that time again, when our tech team rolls out another update to the partypoker software, bringing a raft of new features to make your playing experience even better. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new features you can expect after today’s update.

Run It Twice

Run It Twice is a new optional feature available on our Windows and Mac software when you’re playing fast forward cash games. It’s something made famous in televised poker show High Stakes Poker and now it is here at partypoker.

If two or more people have the Run It Twice option checked and find themselves all-in, the remaining community cards are run twice. This splits the pot in two, with the winner of each hand taking half of the pot.

The variance-reducing feature is only available on desktop fastforward for now, but we plan to roll it out to mobile and other cash games in a future release.

Returning of Uncalled Bets

Some of you fed back that it can be difficult to see an accurate pot size when players are all in due to unmatched bets remaining on the table when one of more players are all in. Great news, any part of a bet that is unmatched when players are all-in is immediately returned to your or your opponent’s stack to help give a more accurate view of the size of the pot and how much you have remaining in your stack.

PLO8 and NLO8 PKO Is Coming!

Our PKO tournaments are extremely popular but it is No-Limit Hold’em versions that dominate. Pot-Limit Omaha PKOs have been around for a while now, but you’ll soon see PLO8 and NLO8 PKOs hitting the lobby, which is fantastic if you love these split-pot games.

Upgraded fastforward Lobby and Theme

We’ve created a dedicated fastforward lobby that is not too dissimilar to the recently revamped SPINS and Short Deck lobbies.

You should now be able to find and enter fastforward cash games much easier and faster than ever before!

Improved ITM Indicator

The ITM indicator has been popular with tournament players as it displays vital information in the top left corner of their screens, This has been upgraded to enhance the feature and is now displayed in three different colours depending on the tournament’s stage. The info now available in the TM indicator is as follows:

  • Your positions and the number of players remaining in the tournament of sit & go
  • The number of players that will cash in the tournament or sit & go
  • The amount of money you have currently cashed for in the tournament or sit & go
  • The position and value of the next pay jump
  • The total bounties you have collected in the tournament or sit & go if you are playing a PKO

Big Bounty Theme

As a PKO player, you may want to enable the new Big Bounty theme that enhances the display in this tournament type. The display is brighter, bolder, and clearer, making it easier to see each player’s bounty easier, especially if you are playing on multiple tables.

Bug Fixes and Country Specific Client Updates

The boffins behind the scenes have fixed numerous bugs as part of this update. Also, the lobby and tables for Mac users, including those in Spain, have received a fresh lick of paint!

Watch This Short Video For More Details

Team Online’s Jaime Staples has been playing around with the new software and has recorded this handy video highlighting some of the key features. Be sure to check it out.

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