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Four PartyPoker online qualifiers made it through to Day 2 of Legends of Poker.  We begin on Level 7 with the blinds 300/600 Ante of 75.

Name Chipcount
Duner, Torbjorn 17,375
Feleja, John 26,200
Smith, Steven 31,050
Owen, Jeff 42,500

Torbjon Duner from Sweden who began the day on 17,375 had his stack seriously crippled towards the end of level 7 when he limped into a hand with A7 and three callers.  He paired his ace on the flop with two lower cards.  He bet out and had one caller.  With another rag on the turn Torbjon went all-in and the shorter stack called.  River is another rag.  Caller shows A9 to take the pot leaving Torbjon with $4k in chips.   On the next hand Torbjon had no option but to go all-in with his A10 getting one caller.  The board cards offer no improvement and Torbjon is out of the tourney when the player shows pocket fives.

Level 9 and the blinds are 500/1000 with a 100 Ante.  Steve gets caught into a re-raise that puts him all-in and finds himself in a great position with his poket kings up against up against AK.  Unfortunately an ace hits on the board ending his Legends of Poker run and we are down to just two PartyPoker players.

Level 11, blinds 800/1600 and antes of 200.  Ted Lawson raises from middle position to 4,500, from the cut off Jeffery Owen goes all-in for 68,300, big blind folds.  Ted Lawson shows pocket tens, Jeffery has pocket fours.  The board comes down A,A,2, 6,2.  Big Blind said he had pocket Q’s.  Jeffery is out with 102 players left.

20 minutes before the end of Level 13 and Day 2 John Feleja who has been playing short stacked for over three levels re-raised all-in for $24k with pocket J’s, finds one caller who shows pocket tens.  Flop is all rags, as is the turn but the river cruelly shows a 10 and  John unluckily goes out in 67th position  heartened by the fact he was the  highest finisher of our PartyPoker qualifiers.

Well done to our seven qualifers who made the trip over to LA for the Legends Of Poker.  Next week we’ll be following more PartyPoker qualifiers who have made it to the inaugral WPT London.  Stay tuned to see how they get on.

The action continues at the Bicycle Casino today.  If you want to keep up with the latest news then check out the World Poker Tour live updates.  We are now down to 61 players with Phil Collins leading the way for that $750,000 first prize.


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