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There are not many players that build up a big rail around themselves when they play, but when Dario Minieri comes to play in Italy, his rail is packed.

It’s no wonder – he is one of the most skilled poker players in the world. Most of the people go to a shop and buy a car, but Dario cashes out his loyalty points and gets a Cayman.

Not the lizard, the car that is. Traveling the world, playing in the best cash games on TV, crushing Italian tables, this man has it all but one – he missed out on meeting his big idol just yesterday.

Dario is a big A.S. Roma fan and, as we all know, Francesco Totti, Party Poker Pro, came down to WPT Venice to play the charity event with other international players. If Dario hurried up, he would have made it to sit down with Totti and challenge him for a heads up.

But, football is not all I talked to Dario about – even though he has had a bad start this tournament year, his spirits are up – he told me what his plans are for the upcoming months, and most importantly – he told me how he collected all those loyalty points and got the car.

So, boys and girls, listen carefully and send us pictures of your winnings! Remember – it’s not all about the money.


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