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“Long live the king!” came the cries from far and wide as danking11 emerged victorious in the latest instalment of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday. OK, maybe that is not quite true, but we’re sure there were some celebrations and joyous screeches as danking11 defeated a 1,137-strong field to get his hands on the $28,974.11 first place prize.

It took more than 10-hours of intense poker action for the massive crowd to be whittled down to a much more manageable final table of nine. At around 05:17 am BST, the last nine players in the $200K Guaranteed Sunday sat down as follows, each guaranteed no less than $2,030.22 for their valiant efforts thus far.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (March 30, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 vitja__ 457,253
2 MadsMP-_ 674,243
3 rhino89 613,661
4 danking11 392,639
5 vaporize11 360,596
6 EvnomiYa 1,566,548
7 UlDuffer 875,621
8 Maksimilian 344,480
9 spetsern 377,459

Five hands into the finale and our hero earned himself a double up by slaying the pocket kings of UlDuffer. A min-raise to 50,000 from under-the-gun by UlDuffer was greeted with an all-in three-bet of 292,639 from danking11, who held . UlDuffer made an easy call with the and was still confident of winning the hand with the board reading . But, and it’s a big but, the fell on the river to gift danking11 trip jacks and a double up.

The very next hand, vaporize11 raised to 50,000 on the button, UlDuffer three-bet all-in for 517,982 from the bbig bind with . Vaporize11 snap-called with and when the five community cards fell ULDuffer’s day got even worse.

UlDuffer’s Nightmare Ends

UlDuffer’s nightmare was over three hands later when rhino89 made it 50,000 to play with and then called when UlDuffer committed his 189,886 chips with what turned out to be a dominating . The flop put UlDuffer into the lead, but he had to avoid a spade otherwise his tournament would be over. The turn completed rhino89’s flush, although UlDuffer still had some outs to a full house. With how UlDuffer ran in the early stages of the final table that full house was never coming, so when the appeared on the river to bust him from the tournament it was no real surprise.

The next elimination occurred immediately after UlDuffer’s untimely demise when danking11 raised to 50,000 from early position, only to see spetsern raise to 100,000 leaving only 27,459 chips behind. Danking11 set spetsern all-in and the bets was called. A classic raise between and ensued, a race his royal highness danking11 won as the five community cards ran out .

Another coinflip scenario reared its head some 14 hands later and it resulted in the exit of the dangerous MadsMP-_. From early position, danking11 opened to 60,000 and his bet was called by Maxsimilian on the button. The small blind mucked, but MadsMP-_ jammed all-in for 708,813 in total from his seat in the big blind. Danking11 re-shoved and Maksimilian made a reluctant fold. MadsMP-_ flipped over and danking11 the . A king on the flop, followed by an ace on the turn resulted in danking11’s hand being best by the river, busting MadsMP-_ and leaving danking11 flying high with the title of chip leader with only six players remaining.

Baby Aces Go to War

A battle of the baby aces ended with the elimination of Maksimilian in sixth place. Vaporize11 set the price to play at 60,000 from the button with and Maksimilian defended his big blind with the . Both players checked the arrival of the flop, Maksimilian leading for 76,500 upon the arrival of the on the turn. Having made a vulnerable two-pair, vaporize11 tried to win the pot there and then with a raise to 189,000 but Maksimilain called. The was checked by Maksimilian, vaporize11 moved all-in for 522,717 and Maksimillian called off his remaining 340,960 chips only to discover he wasn’t splitting the pot but was heading out of the tournament.

Five became four with the untimely demise of rhino89. The action folded to vitja__ on the button and he raised to 80,000 with . Rhino89, in the small blind, raised all-in to 315,068 with and getting almost 2:1 on his money, vitja__ called. Neither player improved on the board, leaving vitja__’s pocket eights the best hand and poaching the stack of rhino89.

Vitja__ couldn’t put those newfound chips to good use as they finished up in the stack of danking11 24 hands later. EvnomiYa started the preflop betting with a raise to 100,000 from under the gun, vitja__ moved all-in from the button for 791,306 and danking11 moved all-in to isolate. EvnomiYa folded and all that was left to do was see the of danking11 reign supreme against the dominated on a board.

Six hands later and heads-up was set after one of the biggest pots of the tournament when danking11’s way. A raise to 114,600 from danking11 was greeted with a 223,344 three-bet from vaporize11, which in turn was greeted with a four-bet to 465,700. That was not the end of the betting because vaporize11 five-bet shoved for 1,654,267 and danking11 looked him up, showing as he did so. Those “knaves” needed to avoid an ace as vaprize11 held and they did just that as the board ran out .

That hand left danking11 holding a 4,753,858 to 931,142 chip lead over EvnomiYa, and it was unsurprising to see the tournament end only three hands after the heads-up battle commenced. A raise to 100,000 from danking11, a three-bet all-in for 926,142 from EvnomiYa and a call from danking11. By the river the board read improving danking11’s to a flush and leaving EvnomiYa to muck his .

Long live the king!

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results(March 30, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 danking11 $28,974.11
2 EvnomiYa $17,447.26
3 vaporize11 $10,362.61
4 vitja_ $7,824.83
5 rhino89 $5,604.27
6 Maksimilian $4,123.89
7 MadsMP-_ $3,066.48
8 spetsern $2,537.78
9 UlDuffer $2,030.22

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