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He’s never been short of confidence but Daniel Negreanu has carried boat loads of the stuff to London. He tweeted “I’m so going to win the Premier League. There is like no chance I don’t win that thing,” earlier today and the message when we met him face to face was much the same. “I’ve seen it I’m winning this thing,” he told us.

Constantly Adapting…

The Canadian’s last appearance was in Season IV where he finished fourth, he’s known for constantly adapting his game and has made some tweaks since his last appearance in the Premier League. “I think the biggest thing I’ve gone back to is really trusting my instincts. When you play against top competition there’s not a lot of shortcuts you can take, you really have to make the plays that make the most sense and they come from instinct. So trusting in myself and making a play when I know it’s the right move to make.”

Small Ball

And his instincts tell him that small ball will only take him so far this week. “I think small ball is good in the early stages, I think later with the way the points have changed and needing to make it to the top three you’re going to have to take more risks. When you get five handed and stuff you might have to start moving all-in.”

Despite that not being his natural game he doesn’t think he’ll be outclassed when stacks get shallow. “I looked at the line-up and there’s nobody that knows 20 big blind and less stuff very well. Typically those guys are online guys, even people like Jungleman played deep stack cash. I think I’m ok at it.”

Seiver…He’s Always In Your Face

But Negreanu has singled out Scott Seiver as someone he doesn’t want on his left, “He’s held over me the last couple of years, he’s obviously a really good player, plays a lot of hands, he’s always in your face. Combine all that with him just running hot against me, it’s not a good psychological battle for me.”

All The Action, All The Time

With the Premier League VI being streamed live you’ll be able to see if he really can win it! So what do you think?


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